The 7 Major Pillars Of The Lord’s Prayer

We cannot sow unforgiveness to others and reap forgiveness from God.

During Christ’s earthly ministries, He did so many marvelous things. It’s stated by (John 21:25) that no book could have been big enough to contain all the signs, wonders, and miraculous operations, which were performed by Him. He preached to large number of individuals and was the most eloquent, the best, the most dynamic, and the greatest preacher that ever lived. Most importantly, He was the incarnate Word of God (John 1:1; Revelation 19:13). 

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How To Pray To God

Prayer is all about us seeking the will of God for our lives.

Prayer is an integral part of the Christian faith. It’s something that we must set aside quality amount of time for it. Prayer is us talking to God concerning our needs, wants, or anything that we’re struggling with that’s beyond our control. If God demands us to do something, it’s because it’s of great importance. So it’s something that we have to take very seriously if we really want to live the kind of life that He desires for us to live through His Son.

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Which Priority Do You Give Prayer In Your Life?

Years ago, pastors were asked to rate what they felt were their duties and responsibilities from the most to the least important. All of the pastors listed prayer as the number one item on their list. They were then asked to take the items on their list and rank them according to the amount of time spent on it. Shockingly, prayer which was listed as the most important thing for them to do was last on the list of amount of time spent.

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The King Of The Universe Will Make Time For You

Prayer is one of the greatest privileges that God has accorded to us in order for us to be able to relate to Him in such a powerful way. It’s a means of communicating to God concerning our needs in relation to His perfect will for our lives. As God’s children, we should never underestimate how important prayer is due to the fact that it’s the very means by which we call upon God to intervene on our behalf. Keep in mind, prayer is a matter of humility since it implies acknowledgement of our human inability by relying on God’s infinite greatness and power.

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Lord Teach Us To Pray

While Jesus walked this earth He did many things. He preached sermons to large crowds and was undoubtedly the greatest preacher that ever lived. If you were going to preach sermons, would it not be exciting to learn how to preach from Jesus? He taught the Bible, and being the incarnate Word of God, He was the world’s greatest teacher of the Bible. When it came to any area, Jesus excelled at it.

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The Power Of Prayer

Prayer is defined as a conversation with God, or it can be a solemn request for help in time of need or expression of thanks to God as a result of His many blessings bestowed upon us. Prayer can also be defined as inviting God to intervene on our behalf in the unpleasant situations, challenges, and problems that we are dealing with on an ongoing basis while living on this earth. Prayer is an awesome privilege that God in His incredible goodness and love has granted us as His children, so that we can communicate with Him in a manner that’s quite similar to how we communicate with our earthy parents regarding our needs.

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