The Power Of Prayer

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Prayer is defined as a conversation with God, or it can be a solemn request for help in time of need or expression of thanks to God as a result of His many blessings bestowed upon us. Prayer can also be defined as inviting God to intervene on our behalf in the unpleasant situations, challenges, and problems that we are dealing with on an ongoing basis while living on this earth. Prayer is an awesome privilege that God in His incredible goodness and love has granted us as His children, so that we can communicate with Him in a manner that’s quite similar to how we communicate with our earthy parents regarding our needs.

However, a relationship with God is required in order to bring prayer request to Him. Because He does not listen to prayer of people who do not want Him to be anywhere in their lives, except the prayer of salvation. Moreover, the prayer of a sinner is considered as an abomination to God according to (Proverbs 28:9).

If we are taking a closer look at the prayer pattern that Jesus Christ has given to His disciples during His earthly ministries, He started by saying “Our Heavenly Father”. Well, this truly underlines the fact that we must become His children in order for us to get the right to pray Him. Fortunately, we are granted this right to come boldly before God’s throne of grace by Christ Himself through the shedding of His precious blood on the cross (Hebrews 10:19).

Christ has Granted us Full Access to God the Father.

We don’t need someone to stand between God and us like it was in the Old Testament, which had required a high priest that had the responsibility of interceding on people’s behalf in the Most Holy Place. Christ is now our High Priest. Since He is God Himself in every way, He gives us full access to God the Father simultaneously. As long we abide in Him by keeping His commandments, we’re free to approach our Heavenly Father through Him. As Charles Spurgeon stated that, “A prayer without Christ in it will never reach Heaven!” Without Him in our prayer our kind and fervent words to God are in vain and useless.

Prayer is the key element that strengthens our relationship with God in a significant manner. It enables us to communicate with the living God who is our Heavenly Father, our maker, our sustainer, and the creator of the universe concerning our spiritual, financial, and physical needs. Keep in mind, there is power in prayer. And it is the very fuel that propels our relationship with God. It’s also the very component of our Christian’s life that brings our relationship with God to a new dimension. Prayer enables us to relate to God in an intimate level.

Prayer is a Powerful Booster in Time of Troubles.

When we feel down, depressed, in moment of great distresses, in moment of despair, in sufferings, trials, persecutions, and so forth we can find great comfort in knowing that our Heavenly Father is eagerly waiting to listen to our prayers because He truly cares about us. One of the ideal features about prayer is that we have someone whom we can turn to and trust when we’re going through tough time in this life.

He’s not some type of ordinary person, but someone who is all-powerful, and who is able to carry us through any situations that we can ever face in this life. The issues of life may be crushing us from every side; nevertheless, by faith we have someone whom we can depend on in order to sustain and carry us through these horrible circumstances.

Our Prayers Have to be in Accordance With God’s Will.

We are commanded by God to bring our prayer of supplication to Him. (1 John 5:14) states “This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.” Meaning that God guarantees us, He will always answer our prayers if they are in line with His perfect will for our lives. That’s why it’s important that we always pray according to His will. Keep that in mind, prayer is not about what we want or need. Instead it is all about what God wants us to have as His children whom He loves so much.

We cannot coerce God into doing anything outside of His perfect will and timing for our lives, so this is where our patience is very important. Patience is a virtue as believer we have to develop and nurture by the power of the Holy Spirit for the sole purpose of waiting upon God faithfully and obediently until He moves and brings to pass whatever fits His perfect will. The awesome outcome of waiting upon God is that it always pays off at the end of the day, and it also saves us from lot of unnecessary headaches in the long run.

God Cannot Answer a Prayer Until it’s Prayed.

When bringing our requests to God, we should do so confidently with the expectation that He truly cares about us, about our needs, and is listening to us as our Heavenly Father and willing to act on our behalf. We have to believe that God is there with us. It’s important to realize that even though God already knows all our needs beforehand; however, He cannot answer a prayer until it is prayed. In addition, prayer is also crucial in order to be able to deal with temptation wisely because living the Christian life is a lifelong endeavor though which we have an enemy to fight against constantly.

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