Born Again In Proper Perspective

Being born again as Jesus stated during His momentous conversation with Nicodemus, a highly religious and unsaved man is such a gigantic biblical concept (John 3:3). Being born again is a total transformation that takes unregenerated sinners out of the kingdom of darkness by conforming them to the values and principles of the glorious Kingdom of light. 

People’s preparation and readiness to enter heaven is based entirely on whether they are born again.  

Why should someone be born again?

According to a biblical standpoint, everybody that has entered this evil and corrupt world did so in a state of spiritual death. They were born disconnected from God as a result of the sinful nature inherited from Adam and Eve, which builds up a propensity toward rebellion (Psalms 51:5; Romans 3:23; Romans 5:12)

The act of disobedience of Adam and Eve also gave rise to what is commonly known as the original sin, which has affected the human race like a deadly virus from generation to generation.

The inherited sinful nature has implanted a hostile mindset in people toward God and the things of God (Romans 8:7). It’s also a rebellious mindset that doesn’t want people to submit themselves to God’s authority.

Consequently, the disconnection or separation from God that takes place in people’s lives due to sin produces spiritual death (Romans 6:23; Colossians 2:23; Ephesians 2:1-3), a terrible condition that renders man to be out of fellowship with God unless he is born again.

Spiritual death is a state of depravity and perdition that makes it impossible for people to enter the Kingdom of God. It’s a horrendous spiritual state that attracts the wrath of God upon the sinner. Spiritual death also causes mankind to lose their sonship privilege with God the Father.

Natural life and Spiritual life

As human beings, we have two major vital aspects that consist whom we are. The first aspect is spiritual, which cannot be seen with the naked eyes. The second aspect is natural or physical. However, the most significant aspect is the spiritual one. 

Why? Because all that is spiritual is eternal, and all that is natural is temporal. According to biblical order, spiritual things have to always come first; in other words, spiritual things have to be given first priority over natural things.

The spiritual aspect is, in fact, the very aspect that’s supposed to govern the natural aspect. Life isn’t restricted to the natural life that we all have as human beings just as many falsely believe because there’s another form of life found in Christ alone deemed infinitely better than the natural one. This is referred to as eternal life (John 3:16; 1 John 5:13-14).

There’s a considerable amount of differences between both of them in terms of quality, length, and comfort. As suggested above, the natural life is temporal, limited, and it accompanies a wide variety of problems that need to be dealt with constantly.

The spiritual life, on the other hand, is abundant, and it accompanies a host of eternal blessings. The purpose of the natural life was to get us ready to enter this world; however, the spiritual life or eternal life, the very essence of being born again prepares us to enter the Kingdom of God.

The natural life doesn’t produce spiritual life. As Jesus stated in (John 3:6), flesh gives birth to flesh; in other words, natural only produces what is natural. Being natural or carnal in God’s sight is unacceptable because the natural life is filled with every kind of corruption due to sinful desires ruling the life of those who are unsaved. People who are carnal in their ways will not see God (Hebrews 12:14).

We only have the opportunity to make choices with the natural life we have while here on this earth in order to either receive or reject eternal life better known as the life of God given freely to us (John 5:24; John 11:25; John 3:36).

With that being said, you cannot go anywhere with the natural life you currently have. There’s absolutely nothing that you can do with it on the basis of human ability that can ever have any eternal significance. That’s why it’s imperative for everybody to become alive spiritually by being born again by the Spirit of God by believing on Jesus.

Unfortunately, many don’t even care about the importance of receiving eternal life from God. They live their daily lives as those who don’t have a soul that needs to be saved from the penalty of sin, which is eternal damnation.

Living life to the fullest

You need to really grasp that reality, living or enjoying life isn’t just based on having a fancy home, having lot of money, possessing fancy cars, or being famous. It’s not dependent wholly on physical or financial comfort as the world system would like people to believe it.

That’s not how it truly is in a spiritual context. Why? There’s a big difference between “exist” and “living life to the fullest”. Beloved, there are many people who are doing very well in this world, but they just exist because their lives are devoid of the presence and power of the Creator. They are like “walking empty boxes” because their inner being is spiritually dead. They are being eaten up on the inside by the power of sin. 

That void found within cannot be filled up by worldly things but only by the presence of God Almighty. 

Living or enjoying life to the fullest is when you have the life of God which goes hand-in-hand with His divine presence, power, and glory in your life. That’s why you need to be born again that will enable you to share His divine nature and escape the world’s corruption caused by human desires (2 Peter 1:14).

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