Save Your Christian Marriage

Ask Yourself These Questions

Do you find yourself frustrated with your marriage, trying to make changes, only to find you are right back into the same old pattern?

Do you or your spouse frequently think about getting out of the marriage?

Are you and your spouse frequently engaged in an argument, often about nothing of importance, and find that there are rarely solutions?

Are you convinced that this relationship is not what God would want, but don’t know how to make a change for the better?

Do you frequently find yourself feeling either unloved or disrespected?

Would you love to find a solution to these problems that would move your relationship to a healthy, Godly place?

Well, if you’re having problems within your marriage, at least one of these questions should resonate with your current situation in a big way. Therefore, it’s advisable that you take a look below and find a product that can truly help you to put your marriage covenant back in order.

As you already know, marriage is an institution ordained by God. It’s an institution which is of great importance in the sight of God due to the fact that it is the core foundation of family. The strength of family determines the strength of society. If you’re looking at what God has to say regarding such institution, it’s clear that He wants people to have joyful, successful, long lasting, and happy marriages. However, lot of marriages are not enjoying the very blessings that God would like them to have as a result of issues that are pulling down such institution.

Were you aware that divorce’s rate among Christians is currently HIGHER than the general population? What a tragedy! Most importantly, we’re called by God to be faithful, forgiving, loving, caring, and so forth, and we break marriage covenants far more often than the general public. Well, that trend must stop at any cost! Let’s agree together to change that terrible fact, you and I working together to renew your marriage.

Divorce and broken marriages is not God’s ideal. The plan of God for marriage was for it to be a lifelong covenant. I’m quite sure that you’re familiar with this Scripture verse found in (Genesis 2:24) in which God says that “for this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and be united with his wife.  And the two people will become one body.” So when we become one body, it’s a forever thing.

Therefore, if it turns out that your Christian marriage is facing some difficulties, then this product developed by Lee Bucom which is called Save Your Christian Marriage can help in a tremendous way. One aspect that truly stands out about that product is that it revolutionizes the traditional way of counseling marriage by introducing what he thinks to be a much more effective approach predicated on biblical principles that anybody can make use of in order to turn their marriage around.

It’s perfectly clear that Lee H. Baucom is an expert withing the field of Christian Marriage, and lot of things that Lee has learned over more than two decades, have been meticulously tested, fine-tuned, and packed into this very guide.

Here are some of thins that you might expect from that guide.

  • Alternatives to couple’s therapy
  • God’s view of marriage
  • Role of Spouse
  • Role of Marriage
  • Moving from you and me to we – (One body)
  • The physics of relating
  • Recipe of a successful marriage
  • Accurate perception
  • High mood relating
  • Path to intimacy
  • Finding the North Star of your relationship and much more…

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