How Satan Holds People Captive Through Immoral Living

Satan is the author of immorality; therefore, it’s one of the most powerful weapons he has been using all throughout the history of mankind in order to rule over men by holding them captive. Immorality is also one of his greatest strengths in controlling people’s lives. In fact, people who are living immoral lives have no capability at all of resisting the devil because they’ve already belonged to him and are living under his influence. You can’t really resist someone while the current condition by which you choose to live your life regularly just positions you right under his dominion and control, which in turn makes you more and more prone to follow him. 

With that being the case, apart from God, there is no way men can overcome such a powerful and deceptive enemy. We are currently living in a depraved system which renders people not to be concerned at all about the consequences that will ensue as a result of the rebellious life they are living. This should not take people by surprise because once sin gets in the way it creates all kind of confusions in people’s lives. Additionally, it destroys people’s self-image, self-worth, and common sense.

One major aspect of sin is that it forces people to hold unto things that are detrimental to their lives both physically and spiritually. And to stay completely away from the very thing that can protect them from that deadly virus. In short, sin is all about giving priority to things that are not even worthy of priority, or giving priority to the exact things that should have been kept out of people’s lives due to their destructive nature. 

The Deception of Immorality

Immorality puts people in situation where they can’t even grasp how valuable their soul is. It’s important to realize that a person’s soul is far more important than anything deemed as precious that individual could have ever achieved or received in this life (Matthew 16:26).

People don’t really mind about the fact that they have an eternal soul to defend from a vicious, deceptive, crafty, clever, dangerous, and destructive enemy. We are also witnessing immoral lifestyles that should have been practiced or kept secretly are now being exposed completely in front of our own eyes.

Additionally, abominable lifestyles that people should have been ashamed of are being defended and promoted as normal ways of life. These same people are the ones seeking acceptance and affirmation from the public on an ongoing basis. Immorality is running rampant in today’s society—shockingly, even in the church.

There are many people within the church whose life are being run by the enemy because of sin in their lives they don’t want to deal with. Many who call themselves as Christians are living a life that’s totally inconsistent with their claims. That’s spiritual deception. Furthermore, there is also a great deal of compromising going on within the church with respect to certain critical issues that really matter.

What’s quite disturbing is when dealing with an issue that God has condemned as abominable and detestable in His Word, then you have those who call themselves as Christians taking side with the world, instead of taking a biblical stance against that particular issue. We’re now witnessing a sizable segment of the church giving in to lies and deceptions of the enemy in order to become more inclusive. 

This segment has their priority upside down. The truth which is symbolic of the light of Christ should have come from the church powerfully in order to invade the world because the church is supposed to be the very system that has the responsibility to influence the world. The priority is placed entirely on making people feel comfortable in their sin by ignoring what the Word of God says, particularly about judgement that will befall unrepentant individuals. Consequently, bible believing Christians will always find themselves profoundly at odds with such a perverted system.

Excuses Have Become The Norm.

Nowadays, things like guilt, along with shame don’t really matter. Despite people know what they are doing is not the right thing to do, and they are well aware that their lifestyles are not in accordance with the Word of God, but they somehow find a way around to defend it by making up excuses. In fact, excuse is the norm; it has become a substitute to taking responsibility.

Besides, excuses are merely denial of responsibility. One thing that people have failed to realize is that excuse by itself has never solved a single problem. Instead, it aggravates the whole situation. The bottom line is whenever responsibility is involved, excuses in general won’t always work because they have an expiration date on them. 

The problem by coming up with excuses to defend things that you were not supposed to be doing in the first place is that you simply have no reason to take responsibility for your action. People will try to do their best in order to embellish by rationalizing something deep down inside them they know that’s unacceptable and abhorrent.

Evidently, men are more prone to come up with excuses along with bad reasoning, so that they don’t have to do what God has commanded them to do. These types of irresponsible tendencies will not make God change His mind, nor will they alter the consequences that come with bad choices people are making regarding how they choose to live their lives.

The Impact Of Immorality On Men

The enemy knows that sin is very enjoyable, since it contains a great deal of pleasure. He seizes that opportunity to entice men and keep them into sin indefinitely, so that they can become a loser just like him. Here is the deal: it’s one thing to give in to immorality; however, it’s something entirely different to get out.

The more time you spend living in sin, the more you want to sin, and the more difficult it will be for you to ever get out. Ultimately, the more you keep on living immoral lives, the more right you grant Satan to exercise more control over your life.

Immorality hardens men’s heart. It defiles their conscience and cripples their judgment. Let’s get into some practicality. Haven’t you noticed that whenever you fall into sin, it becomes very difficult for you to make wise choices in regard to your spiritual lives.

You’ve become so harden to the degree that the Word of God is being preached to you frequently, whereas you have no intention at all of surrendering your life to God, so that He can change you. Despite you are being called to repentance and holy living, but you still let the filthy thoughts of going back lingering into your mind.

It’s God will that men are victorious over Satan, and that’s one of the main reasons that Jesus came and died on the cross (1 John 3:8). Here is how it all works out: the enemy is an opportunist, so if you’re living your life outside of God’s will, then you are in serious trouble. Because you don’t feel a tangible presence of an external force influencing you does not automatically mean he is not there. You are fighting an enemy that you cannot even see while he can see you every step of the way.

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. (James 4:7)

How can you get your freedom from Satan? Since the enemy has already been defeated by Christ, it all starts with you. In that case, you have a critical decision to make.  You therefore have to be willing to come away from him to God. What will make a huge difference is your complete submission to God, along with your strong willingness to resist the enemy. When you submit yourself to God fully, you allow Him to fight on your behalf. And He will then empower you by His Spirit in order to resist Satan.

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