Jesus Christ’s Death Sets Us Free From Sin

It’s very important to realize there is a strong reason that Jesus had to leave His throne in heaven in order to come down to this earth, which is corrupted up to the core by all types of inconceivable sins and wickedness of depraved men. Besides, there is also a good reason that He lived a sinless and blameless life by obeying God in everything. Shockingly, at the end of His earthly ministries, He willingly laid down His life for all men for the sole purpose of paying the full cost for their sins committed against a holy and righteous God. So, the point of His death is very clear due to the fact that we could not have paid that infinite cost on our own. As a result, He gave His life for us by shedding His precious blood in order to eliminate that eternal debt.

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him (John 3:16-17). 

God is Expecting us to Take Our Responsibilities

Another key point relates to the fact that God has always ensured that men take their own responsibilities when dealing with Him in everything. First of all, we’re dealing with a responsible God. He’s been entrusting men with responsibilities since after bringing them into existence in the Garden of Eden. Therefore, it’s absolutely safe to conclude that’s precisely how He operates. Interestingly, God also restricts Himself with respect to what should be His own responsibility and what should be our own. Because He’ll never do anything that’s supposed to be our own responsibility. He will certainly prompt us by His Holy Spirit to take action when necessary, but it’s up to us to act accordingly or to stay the course indefinitely.

The very same principle applies fully to salvation. God sent His Son with a clear mission and purpose in order to bring men that were completely lost back to Him due to their rebellion against Him. This truly demonstrates God’s unconditional love toward sinners. He is working on His plan to save men while they don’t even want anything to do with Him. Regardless of how depraved men were, and how depraved they would have still continued to be in His sight, Christ was sent anyway. The real issue lies with the fact that our rebellion has placed us in such a terrible situation in which we have no desire at all of pleasing God. Nonetheless, the bottom line is that only those who respond to the call will be saved.

By the way, everything has already been provided by grace through Christ. To put it differently, everything men would have ever needed in order to be saved from their sins has already been made available by God. Because salvation is all about God willing to save us from the current sinful state we are in, which is detestable and unacceptable to Him, so that we may inherit eternal life and become who He wants us to be in Christ.

Moreover, salvation is readily available for all men. What is men’s responsibility concerning the sacrificial death of Christ on the cross on their behalf? Men have to come to the realization that their lives are futile and fragile. They are alienated and separated from God because of their sins and are in desperate need of a savior. Apart from Christ, there is nothing they can do within their own human ability in order to earn God’s acceptance and loving favor.

Lastly, they have to respond accordingly by coming to Christ on the ground of the full price that He paid for them on the cross of Calvary. This move takes place under the powerful conviction that the Spirit of God has brought upon them. The idea is that if God was not that concerned about sins in people’s lives, as well as how people are choosing to live their lives, then there was no point at all of having to send Christ as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. The death of Jesus Christ truly highlights the fact that we do need a savior. 

Freedom From Sin is Hanging on Top of Your Head.

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed (John 8:36).

Knowing that you were ransomed from the futile ways inherited from your forefathers, not with perishable things such as silver or gold, but with the precious blood of Christ, like that of a lamb without blemish or spot. (1 Peter 1:18-19)

From the beginning, sin has always been a matter of grave concern. Moreover, it has always been the very thing that not only keeps men away from their Maker, but places them in a condition in which they can’t have fellowship with God. The problem is that once sin gets in the way, it literally impels us to turn our back totally on God. We just don’t want Him along with His Word to be anywhere in our lives.

Oftentimes, we may not express it explicitly, but that’s exactly how God takes it. Because the whole matter becomes all about us, what we want, when we want it, along with what can satisfy us instead of being all about Christ. And the problem is that we’re even willing to do anything to fulfill the out of control desires of the flesh just for the sake of temporary pleasures. Sadly, no matter what the cost may be down the road.

As a result, we can no longer stand what His Word has to say against our sinful attitudes. It’s quite amazing that people will always try to do their best in order to free up their minds completely from anything the Bible declares against their sinful lifestyles. The foremost reason is that people just want to live however they like without feeling any sense of guilt. They want to live in sin freely and comfortably. Moreover, they want to keep on participating in the very same sinful and shameful acts that can’t even bring them lasting satisfaction.

As theologians often say, sin creates an enmity between God and men. It loads us with all kind of bad tendencies that are in complete violation with the Word of God. We’ve become very arrogant, selfish, and self-centered. As the Word of God says in (Romans 8:7), the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God, for it does not submit to God’s law; indeed, it cannot. The most troublesome aspect of sin is that it keeps people in bondage by creating strongholds in their minds that are hard to break. Consequently, it also provides the enemy a way to make inroads in their lives in order to hold them captive indefinitely. In fact, Satan’s ability to dominate people’s lives is based entirely on influencing them to live their lives away from God.

Apostle Paul says in (Romans 6:16), “Don’t you realize that you become the slave of whatever you choose to obey? You can be a slave to sin, which leads to death, or you can choose to obey God, which leads to righteous living.” The idea is that if you’re not in Christ; you’re a slave to sin. Although, you may not want to believe the fact that you’re living under the influence of sin, but that’s just the truth. Having said that, the good news is that you can be set free by placing your faith in Christ. In fact, that’s one of the major things that the Lord’s death was intended to provide. You don’t have to live your life in vain by doing the exact same things that can’t even bring you lasting gratification.

Truthfully, it’s of no use to keep on doing the same things that continue to drive you further away from God’s plan and purpose for your life. Additionally, you can’t continue to do the very same things that keep on leading you deeper and deeper into captivity into the enemy’s grip. You’ve tried it already by doing things your own way, and it turns out that you have to keep on doing the same thing over and over again in order to try to fill an eternal gaping hole in your soul that can only be filled by Christ. Therefore, you just cannot fill an eternal hole with worldly and temporary things.


The good news is that salvation, freedom from sin, and God’s blessings are hanging on top of your head through Jesus Christ wherever you are. God is reaching out to you for the sake of setting your free from your sin that carries the penalty of eternal damnation. Well, do you really want to take your own responsibility by reaching back to God in order to accept that gift or stay where you are?

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