Living For God Alone In A Corrupt World

We are living in a fallen world that’s getting worse and worse as the end approaches. Interestingly, many falsely believe by coming with certain initiatives they can somehow solve the problems of this world all on their own, but the conditions are worsening more and more. We are also surrounded by corruption, wickedness, and all kind of inconceivable sins. 

The sins that seem to be the most rampant in our culture are sexual immorality, and debauchery. Having said all of that, we have an enemy who is known as Satan who is doing his very best to make sure that mankind doesn’t ever live up to God’s standard. That’s his foremost objective in order to bring destruction to every aspect of men’s lives. Therefore, he’s well pleased as long as men are living their lives away from their Maker.

The devil hates humanity so much up to the point that he is doing whatever it takes, so that they don’t inherit any of all the wonderful promises that God has made us through His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. He doesn’t want us to taste the Lord and see how good, faithful, gracious, and loving He is. Satan is throwing various types of sins, lies, and deceptions at people’s lives, so that he can win over their souls.

One of the things he does through deception is making lifestyles that are totally unacceptable and abominable to be seen as an acceptable alternative. Consequently, so many are trapped into his schemes. We need to understand his agenda is to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10). Most importantly, the only way that we can overcome such a powerful and deceptive enemy is by relying only on God’s power.

The Word of God will Prevail.

Although, so many things have changed so far, but the Word of God still remains unchanged (1 Peter 1:25). Sinful behaviors that were considered as detestable thousands years ago in God’s sight are still as detestable today. The same Word that people have no reverence for is the same Word by which they will be judged. One thing many people have failed to realize is that God has never changed due to His immutable character irrespective of what they think. 

There are all kinds of deadly excuses that are being passed around by sinners to justify their sinful behaviors in order to give people the impression that what they are doing are okay. The most common excuses are we are living in a new time, everyone is doing it, and you belong to the old school. Besides, the bible only applies to the time it was written to, so it’s no longer applies to us.

Lastly, the bible is not sophisticated enough to deal with the issues that we are facing today, and things have changed. However, we need to realize that people’s excuses have absolutely no impact on the Word of God as well as the consequences of their sins. Sadly, those people have fallen into the trap of the enemy which is meant primarily to destroy them.

We are also living in a time where we are surrounded by all kinds of false doctrines. Thus, if we are not careful we can easily be led astray. There are various false teachers, blasphemers, and liars under the influence of Satan who are coming with all types of bad teachings in order to make people feel comfortable in their sins. We’re witnessing many false teachers teaching people things that appeal to what their sinful nature desires, instead of what God desires for them to have.

We’re also witnessing the redefinition of sinful behaviors which are in clear violation with Scripture. So, there is a great deal of compromise going on even within the church that can be very catastrophic with respect to people’s eternity. It’s up to us as Christians to hold on tight the Word of God because that is our only weapon of defeating these things. 

Most importantly, the Word of God is absolute truth. That simply means if you are a believer the truth is already on your side. You don’t have to compromise on something that’s both eternal and absolute in order to go after things that are based on Satan’s lies and deceptions. God’s Word is also sufficient, and that’s all you really need. Furthermore, anything that is not in line with the Word of God comes straight from Satan who is widely known as the father of lies.

It’s really a tremendous problem when people who already know the truth of Scripture, and somehow they are buying into the lies that are being pushed on them by this wicked world system. You can’t throw away something intended to give you eternal life, and trade it for something else that will bring death, confusion, and bondage into your life.

Satan Makes Use of People in Order to Push His Agenda Forward.

There are many satanic philosophies and ideologies that are being promoted by the media, which we really need to be very cautious about, especially young people. One of the best strategies that the enemy uses to destroy people’s life is through the use of other people that are willing to submit themselves to him, or people that are just promoting his destructive agenda unknowingly. Some of the philosophies go like that, “Just do what you want”, “Just do what your heart desires”, “Just do it, if it feels good”, “If your heart says it’s okay, just do it”, “Truth is relative; thereby, there is no absolute truth“, and so on.

Those kinds of philosophies are merely recipes for disasters. Their ultimate purpose is to appease people in their sins, which will then stifle any desires of living a life pleasing to God. Because living for God is completely in reverse from any of these things mentioned above. That’s precisely what unregenerate and sinful men want. We are also witnessing many well-known, or very influential people that are unwittingly helping to fulfill the devil’s schemes.

Although, we may be under lots of pressures to give in, but God gives us everything necessary to live a holy life that’s far above sinful lifestyles. By the way, people only get to talk about how fun and pleasurable something sinful is, but they cannot determine the consequences that come along with it. That’s why it’s important for us to do whatever it takes to get closer and closer to God for protection. Keep on praying, so that we may not fall into temptation (Matthew 26:41).

Sexual Sin is Very Rampant.

It’s obvious that we are living in a culture which is highly saturated with sex. Moreover, this culture has become a “No Shame Culture”. Sexual immorality is running wild in today’s society. As a result of that, we are witnessing high level of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, unplanned pregnancies, and abortions. Although, sin is very pleasurable, but it destroys people’s lives, it makes people miserable, and it separates them from God eternally.

If you find yourself under intense pressure to give into this specific type of activity, the good news is that you don’t have to. If God has asked you to do something is because He knows that you can do it if you are willing to trust Him. He would have never asked you to do anything that He knew that you’re not able to do in the first place. It’s for your own sake that you abstain from these kind of deviant behaviors. People can defend their sinful behaviors all they want, but they should be aware that people that are practicing sexual sin won’t inherit the Kingdom of God.


God is calling us to live holy lives through His Son Jesus Christ by the power of His own Spirit, regardless of how bad our surroundings may be (1 Thessalonians 4:7). Perhaps, you may well be someone who is trapped into some sins that you feel like there is no way out of that desperate situation that you find yourself in. Well, Christ came and died for the sole purpose of paying the debt for your sins in order to break its power on your life.

The awesome news is that if you accept Christ on the basis of what He’s accomplished on your behalf on the cross; He will certainly take care of that issue. After that, your freedom will be based on your willingness to submit yourself to His Lordship and authority continuously. Making just a simple prayer to God is not enough because He is more interested in constant submission to Him.

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