Sin Destroys Man’s Dependence On God

The entire human race was plunged into hopeless misery as a direct consequence of sin.

After the fall of Adam and Eve, the human race find themselves in a huge mess dealing with the massive implications that come along with that particular disobedience. When Adam and Eve were brought into this world, they were sinless before God, which means that they were perfect in every way. In fact, they had to be this way because their lives came from God who is all perfect by nature, which also means that everything He makes has to reflect who He really is as a perfect and holy God. 

The glory of God was present in their lives. They used to enjoy a strong and close fellowship with God in the Garden of Eden while being in that perfect state. To put it another way, they were connected with God. As a result, that relationship had enabled them to be alive spiritually. In other words, they were in perfect standing with God at that point.

The Consequences of Sin Always Take People by Surprise.

Nevertheless, something terrible took place within the third chapter of Genesis that literally had a catastrophic impact on the human race, this planet, and everything within. The entire human race was plunged into hopeless misery as a direct consequence. The couple had made a horrendous choice to indulge in something that God had sternly warned them not to do (Genesis 2:17). They went ahead and ate the forbidden fruit under the deception and guile of Satan by believing that they would have become like God upon doing so. 

Well, this is something as God’s children we really need to be careful about when tempted to sin against God. The devil’s plan is to always give us the deceptive feelings and mindsets that we can just do whatever we want and still get away with it. That plainly explains the reason why when people want to sin or are living in sin, they just don’t want to think about the consequences. Moreover, they don’t want to hear about the consequences as well.

Or their twisted thinking will do anything to get around the potential consequences that they may have to face down the road. Oftentimes, they somehow find a way to overlook them under the guise that this or that can’t possibly happen to them. Lot of times they’d rather go after those who’re willing to tell them the truth in an open, honest, and direct manner about the wrongness of what they’re practicing.

There are disastrous situations people have fallen into as a result of bad choices they had made, if they had known beforehand that’s precisely how things would have become, they would have made a completely different choice. The mindset that the enemy has embedded in people’s mind is to make them think they can just go out there and live their lives however they like while believing they are immune to the consequences of sin, which is a lie.

Disobedience is nothing more than doing what God has commanded not to do or don’t do what God has commanded to do. The most troublesome aspect of disobedience lies with the fact that it’s bold irreverence to God, irrespective of what He says. After that rebellion, sin passes from generation to generation like a virus, which brings sicknesses, great troubles, confusions, sufferings, poverty, physical and spiritual death upon humankind.

Consequently, everyone who comes into this world comes with an inherited sinful nature. Men have lost their God-given privileges along with their spiritual fellowship with Him which equates to spiritual death. That’s exactly what God meant when He gave the couple the stern warning not to eat the forbidden fruit because the moment they eat it, they will surely die spiritually. Then physical death would ensue down the road. Consequently, every human being who comes into this world comes under the curse of that spiritual death.

We Have To Depend On Our Maker.

As humans, God has made us in such a unique fashion that the only way we can enjoy the kind of joyful, peaceful, liberated, and fulfilling life that He desires us to have is through a genuine relationship with Him. In this type of intimate relationship, He wants us to submit ourselves fully to Him constantly or by depending on Him totally. In other words, we have to be connected with God because He’s the main source of our life. His infinite power ought to be the very element that sustains us daily.

Remember, when God made Adam out of the dust of the ground, something extremely powerful occurred during the process. The dust that we know had no life into it was automatically converted into flesh, bones, and blood. And man has become a living soul at that very instance. Since we all share the same life both Adam and Eve had, so the most important aspect of our life is based solely upon the fact that God has breathed His life into us (Genesis 2:7; Job 33:4). That’s what has made us become whom we are as human beings. This is the prime reason why our lives must revolve around our Maker, otherwise we’re in serious trouble.

It’s unequivocal that sinful nature does render mankind to be in a condition in which they have no desire at all to please and serve God due to the massive rebellion bursting forth within (Romans 5:10; James 4:4; Romans 8:7). Men find themselves in a state of total depravity and confusion in which they are running away from God on an ongoing basis. In other words, they’re on a collision course with God since their agendas and ambitions are in complete violation with what God would want them to do.

In that regard, all the enemy really has to do to keep them moving in the direction He wants them to move is to inflame that sinful nature to the extent that it would become a nightmare for them to ever follow God. Even if they were willing to serve God, that fallen nature which constantly gives them a tendency to rebel against His laws would have to be brought under subjection to God’s power and control.

The point is that God knows fully well that men cannot live their lives aside from Him regardless of how deceived many are, so He wants men to depend on Him because their souls desperately need an anchor that can hold them steady from anything that can potentially bring destruction and misery upon their lives (Hebrews 6:19). And if God is moving on men’s behalf by warning them about the dangers that lie ahead, they really need to stop on their tracks and start paying attention.

The mind-blowing news about God’s plan and purpose for mankind is that while men are running away from Him as fast as they can; while they don’t want anything to do with Him in their lives; while they’ve turned their backs on Him completely; while they’ve hated Him; His only Son Christ Jesus; and His Word up to the core; while they are puffed up with themselves and all types of wickedness; and while they’re continually setting their minds to keep on indulging in the very sinful things that offend God’s laws; He is constantly seeking them through Christ by His Spirit in order to bring them to true repentance (John 16:8-9; Luke 19:10). 


It doesn’t really matter how far away you’ve fallen from God and how sinful you are in His sight if you want to stop right where you are and start moving toward Him, He can change your life for the bestEven if there’s a price that you have to pay in the sense that you’re going to have to sacrifice the very sinful things that you used to enjoy, you’re going to have to starve your own carnal nature by not following its out of control impulses through self-denial, you’ll probably become an enemy of those that you used hang out with, and you’ll probably be rejected, mocked, and persecuted by those around you, but it’s absolutely going to be worth it.

The sacrifices that many don’t want to make to follow Christ due to their bold unwillingness to deal with their sins are not even worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in them if they do so (Romans 8:18). Lastly, not depending on God Almighty through Christ is the worst and the most foolish decision that people can ever make in their lives. Even worse, it’s such a tragic decision that has the potential to cost them their own eternity.

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