Every Word Of God Is Pure

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God is the source of all truth, purity, holiness, and perfection. So His Word is a direct reflection of whom He is along with how He operates. The Word is the very means through which God reveals Himself, and His ways to mankind. The Word is what gives us some clear insights regarding what’s happening in the unseen world. And it tells us in great details how the world we’re living in came into being by the Word that came out of His mouth. The Word encompasses the visible world, the invisible world, and eternity. So we’re connected to God who dwells in the unseen realm on the basis of the truth found in His Word. His Word is also the very substance that holds every aspect of our lives steady. Continue reading

Why Unbelief Devastates God’s Heart

The Word of God is a physical extension of God Himself given to us. The Bible is not merely a book loaded with doctrines and facts, but the very element that gives us direct access to divine truth or eternal truth. It’s also the very element that establishes a connection between God and us. Keep in mind, everything that we know regarding God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, Angels, Satan, Heaven, Hell, Creation of this world, God’s will, His purpose for our lives, and so forth is found through His infallible Word. God is truth by nature. Additionally, His Word is a pure physical reflection of the truth found in Him, along with how He operates. On top of that, the Word of God is as eternal as He is.

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Why Does Satan Hate Humanity So Much?

Shortly after Lucifer, along with one-third of the angelic hosts were kicked out of heaven because of rebellion, something quite unusual took place at that very moment. Their expulsion from heaven simply means a harsh rejection from God due to their arrogance and pride. Since they were rejected by God, their holiness, perfection, as well as their goodness, could not be sustained and maintained any longer. 

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God’s Words Endure Forever

Christians today face a variety of teachings on the Word of God. Frequently, this teaching consists of attempting to cast doubt on the authority and truthfulness of God’s Word. When a person first gets saved, it is extremely easy to convince him the bible is the Word of God and that it is inerrant, or perfect. This makes perfect sense as it was this same Word of God that showed him his need of salvation and the steps needed to be saved. If it were not trustworthy, how could he be sure he was truly saved?

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Bible Basics

As you already know nothing good or valuable in this life comes easy as a matter of life’s principle. No matter what you would like to achieve in this life will always come with a lot of difficulties, headaches, challenges, and sacrifices. Most importantly, you cannot just wish anything you would like to accomplish into existence, so you have to be willing to exert a certain amount of effort in order to make it happen. 

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