I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me

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When thinking deeply on this powerful verse, it plainly highlights the fact that the Christian life we’re to live is not ours but Christ’s. It’s a type of life which foundation is rested entirely on the person of Christ having His ways in us. Even if that God has promised us in His infallible Word that He’ll never leave us no forsake us (Hebrews 13:6); however, He’s never made us any promise that things would go well for us all the time. Besides, He has let us to go through tough times for a specific reason. There’s no shadow of a doubt that these bad circumstances won’t always make any sense to us as we’re going through them, but one day they’ll all make perfect sense. Continue reading

The Lord Is My Strengh

The book of Habakkuk is known as one of the shortest books found in the entire Word of God. This book contains only 3 chapters. That book is also classified as an oracle by the prophet Habakkuk which was written somewhere between 610 and 605 B.C. What is quite captivating about that book is the prophet’s complaints against God concerning the reason as to why He was allowing His own people to endure intense sufferings from their own enemies.

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Be Joyful In Hope Patient In Afflication Faithful In Prayer

In (Romans 12:12) Apostle Paul has given a brief summary of what the Christian walk is all about. It’s important for us to realize that Christ’s death and resurrection possess two critical aspects. The first aspect deals with the current life we have, and the second one has to do with the next life that we’ll inherit from Him when we finally make it to the other side. 

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The Type Of Unwavering Faith That Pleases God

As significant faith is in the life of a believer in Christ, its usefulness and significance are based on the trustworthiness of its source. In fact, anybody has the capability of exercising faith in a wide host of things. Surprisingly, faith is something that’s being exercised daily either consciously or unconsciously by many individuals whether they believe in the true God or not. For instance, when using a tool to get things done, you have to at least have a certain level of faith in that tool in the sense of its ability to execute successfully the desired task as intended. What about those who are parachuting out of the sky? That’s real faith in action because they have to retain a firm belief that the parachute will be able to sustain them out of the sky until making a safe landing, even though there’s some possibility that it might fail. 

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Blind Faith Or Deadly Faith

We all as believers know that faith is the starting point of the Christian life. We’ve become whom we are in Christ as result of our faith. However, one thing that’s very important is that faith all by itself isn’t what makes the difference. Instead, it’s where you choose to place your faith since there are many who are placing their faith in false gods that can do nothing for them. Placing your faith in such things is nothing more than placing your faith in the devil himself whether you want to admit it or not because he’s the very one behind all of them.

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Faith Pleases God More Than Obedience

Hebrews chapter 11 is widely known as the great faith chapter because it gives us marvelous examples of how Old Testament people exercised their faith in God and were blessed tremendously for it. However, before it goes on to give us the “faith list,” God gives us an admonition by telling us that faith is such an important part of the Christian life that we cannot please Him without it.

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Bible Basics

As you already know nothing good or valuable in this life comes easy as a matter of life’s principle. No matter what you would like to achieve in this life will always come with a lot of difficulties, headaches, challenges, and sacrifices. Most importantly, you cannot just wish anything you would like to accomplish into existence, so you have to be willing to exert a certain amount of effort in order to make it happen. 

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