The Biblical Characteristics Of Love

God’s love isn’t about us at all but rather an expression of His being.

Within the Word of God, there’s a form of love that extends far beyond the scope of romantic love or sexual love, and close friendship or brotherly love. This love is known by the Greek term as “Agape”. God is the only One who possesses this kind of love due to the fact that He’s love by nature (1 John 4:8). What is truly magnificent about this form of love is that it’s both self-sacrificial and unconditional. This love was and is extended to us as sinful people in God’s sight, regardless of our unworthiness to Him.

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Let All That You Do Be Done In Love

True love goes beyond just word along with the intense feeling of affection that we may have toward a particular person.

Love is one of the utmost themes recorded in the Word of God. Christ has commanded us to love each other in the same manner that He has loved us according to (John 15:12). God is in fact the source of love; in other words, He’s love by nature (1 John 4:8). Furthermore, He has shared with us that remarkable love through His only begotten Son Christ Jesus. And He demands us to share that same type of love which is flowing through us to others, so that they may see that we are of Him and know Him.

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I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me

When thinking deeply on this powerful verse, it plainly highlights the fact that the Christian life we’re to live is not ours but Christ’s. It’s a type of life which foundation is rested entirely on the person of Christ having His ways in us. Even if that God has promised us in His infallible Word that He’ll never leave us no forsake us (Hebrews 13:6); however, He’s never made us any promise that things would go well for us all the time. Besides, He has let us to go through tough times for a specific reason. There’s no shadow of a doubt that these bad circumstances won’t always make any sense to us as we’re going through them, but one day they’ll all make perfect sense. Continue reading

The Lord Is My Strengh

The book of Habakkuk is known as one of the shortest books found in the entire Word of God. This book contains only 3 chapters. That book is also classified as an oracle by the prophet Habakkuk which was written somewhere between 610 and 605 B.C. What is quite captivating about that book is the prophet’s complaints against God concerning the reason as to why He was allowing His own people to endure intense sufferings from their own enemies.

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The Importance Of Faith In Our Lives

Faith is one of the vital tenets out of Christianity. It is a powerful element that connects and welds us to God in such a manner that goes far beyond our own human comprehension. Our faith in God is the very thing that holds us steady and keeps us safe from the terrifying storms of life. It’s the intrinsic base of our reliance and confidence in God. Continue reading

We Must Not Abuse The Grace Of God

Grace is defined as unmerited or undeserved favor. In order for grace to be able to make sense by itself, the recipient must have been in dire need of it. The truth is that grace has totally nothing to do with the one who receives it in the sense of that person’s merit. Instead, it’s completely dependent on the one who gives it. God is gracious to us not because of our worthiness, or what we’ve done that somehow grants us a certain level of acceptability in His sight. 

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The Richness Of God’s Grace

If there would be a major component of the Christian faith that encompasses all precious things that we find in Christ, it would undoubtedly be God’s grace. Every aspect of the Christian life is rested solely on God’s grace poured out to us. To put it differently, His grace covers every perimeter of our lives, and His grace is also sufficient for us. 

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The Reason Why We Should Kill Sin In Our Lives

Sin is a deadly cancer that is eating men up on the inside, which means that if it’s not taken care of before it’s too late it will ultimately lead to eternal damnation. Sin also places men in an abhorrent state that alienates and separates them from God eternally. The way it all works out is that you can either deal with it by coming to Christ, or let it deal with you. But aside from Christ, sin has a strong advantage on you.

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Disobedience To God Always Brings Consequences

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Disobedience brings a wide variety of consequences such as spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental consequences.

Disobedience or rebellion against God is a sinful act that the Bible has plenty to say about. In fact, we are in the huge mess we find ourselves in today because of Adam’s and Eve’s disobedience. First, the Word of God defines sin as transgression of the law of God according to (1 John 3:4) along with rebellion against God according to (Deuteronomy 9:7; Joshua 1:18). Sin is based entirely on plain disobedience or rebellion. Disobedience is refusing to do what God has commanded, or doing what God has forbidden. With this in mind, Satan is the author of disobedience. 

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Victory Over Sin

We’re currently living in a time and age where so many individuals simply choose to live their lives as people who’re totally careless about the fact that they will spend their eternity somewhere. To put it differently, they just want to live their lives however they like regardless of what God says in His Word, along with the extreme implications that may come along with their horrible choices. Continue reading