This Is The Day The Lord Has Made

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Chapter 118th of the book of Psalms is a great chapter into which David talked a great deal about the steadfastness of God’s love toward those who’re walking in a close relationship with Him. He later declared that His steadfast love endures forever. Sometimes it can be really hard for us to hang unto the idea that God’s love for us is both powerful and eternal when we don’t really feel like it in the midst of trials. Continue reading

The Key Reasons Why Without Faith It’s Impossible To Please God

When it comes right down to how God interacts with humanity, we see that our faith is the leading substance that invites and maintains His presence in our lives. Moreover, faith is also the substance that cuts through the physical realm and connects us with God in such a powerful way. First, His unseen presence is everywhere; in other words, His presence is all around us. 

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The Best Ways To Learn How To Trust God

Living for God implies having an intimate relationship with Him through Christ. In fact, that’s the foremost reason that we’re made for unlike other creations. Having said that, trust is the essence of relationship. The point is that there cannot be any relationship without at least some level of trust. But, the matter gets really complicated with respect to our relationship with God because He’s asking us to trust Him in such a manner that compels us to rise above our own human understanding, conception, weaknesses, reasoning, emotions, and feelings. In other words, the very things that are counterproductive to faith.

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God Wants Us To Overcome Fear By Looking Up To Him

Fear is a serious issue that lot of people are dealing with constantly. Sadly, many have allowed their lives to be gripped by that monster to the extent that it tremendously influences their whole perspective toward life, their abilities, and the future. The big issue is that fear is a potential hindrance that can literally hold people back from ever coming out of their comfort zone in order for them to do what God wants them to do. 

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Let’s Place Our Trust In God No Matter What Happens

According to trust is defined as confidence in the honesty or integrity of a person or thing. Trust is undoubtedly a substance that’s extremely significant due to the fact that it’s connected directly to a person’s own character, reputation, integrity, reliability, along with ability. As a matter of fact, there cannot be any form of true friendship or relationship without at least some level of trust being part of it. Nonetheless, one thing that’s quite common throughout Scripture with respect to having a relationship with God is the fact that trust is something that God has placed a great deal of emphasis on. Trust is also something that God requires from anybody who’s serving Him.

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The Importance Of Faith In Our Lives

Faith is one of the vital tenets out of Christianity. It is a powerful element that connects and welds us to God in such a manner that goes far beyond our own human comprehension. Our faith in God is the very thing that holds us steady and keeps us safe from the terrifying storms of life. It’s the intrinsic base of our reliance and confidence in God. Continue reading

Only Jesus Christ Can Fill Us Up

God has made us for the sole purpose of totally depending on Him, serving Him, having an intimate relationship with Him, doing His will, and lastly for His own glory. Our entire physical being is consisted of a non-life material called the dust of the ground. As mentioned in this post, what you really have when God has breathed the breath of life into man according to the account of (Genesis 2:7) is a marvelous and powerful transformation that occurred. The dust of the ground was instantly converted into flesh, blood, and bones. Man then became a living being fully equipped with God-given potentials.

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Why Unbelief Devastates God’s Heart

The Word of God is a physical extension of God Himself given to us. The Bible is not merely a book loaded with doctrines and facts, but the very element that gives us direct access to divine truth or eternal truth. It’s also the very element that establishes a connection between God and us. Keep in mind, everything that we know regarding God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, Angels, Satan, Heaven, Hell, Creation of this world, God’s will, His purpose for our lives, and so forth is found through His infallible Word. God is truth by nature. Additionally, His Word is a pure physical reflection of the truth found in Him, along with how He operates. On top of that, the Word of God is as eternal as He is.

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How Having Faith In God Actually Works

Faith is such a critical element in the Christian life from the beginning all the way to the end. Faith in God is something that every believer in Christ has to work upon constantly due to our fallen nature, which predisposes us to certain negative feelings that can potentially hinder us from exercising the kind of unwavering faith required by God (James 1:6). Continue reading

Our Hope In The Living God

The hope that we have in God is based completely on the wonderful promises that He has made us through His written Word which is truth (John 17:17). These promises are exactly what encourage us, sustain us, renew our faith, help us, carry us, and motivate us to persevere in every situation irrespective of what the circumstances are. God warns us sternly to persevere up to the end; by the way, only those who persevere to the end will be saved (Matthew 24:13, Revelation 3:21). 

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