The Massive Hypocrisy That Surrounds Don’t Judge People

Sin which is a product of rebellion against God has always been the leading problem that has been bringing utter destruction to humanity as a whole in various aspects of life since after the fall of humankind due to its massive implications. It’s the main cause of all the problems humanity is struggling with. Sin is very deceptive, powerful, destructive, and mind-controlling as a result of its impulsive and compulsive nature. 

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What Does It Truly Mean To Be Born Again

From a biblical perspective, everyone who has come into this wicked world, came disconnected with God. That disconnection is tantamount to spiritual death. In fact, that is a direct result of the sinful nature that we’ve inherited. Keep in mind, as humans, we have two key aspects that make up our whole being: a physical aspect, and most importantly, the spiritual one. The bottom line is that life isn’t only limited to the physical one we currently have as many falsely believe. The truth is that there is another one found in Christ alone, which is infinitely better and greater than this one we have today. 

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The Judgement Of God Against Lawlessness

We’re currently living in a society which is increasingly becoming anti-God and anti-biblical morality. The agenda is to kick God out of every aspect of society, so that people can just do whatever they want without having to deal with the warnings of judgement that will befall unrepentant sinners.

So the way things are being conducted nowadays truly demonstrates how effective Satan is regarding implementing his satanic agenda on humanity by bringing a thick veil of blindness on people’s eyes and minds.

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Stop Being Deceived By The Enemy Through Temptation

From a biblical standpoint, temptation is based entirely on lies and deceptions of Satan. It’s something intended primarily to twist our viewpoints, our emotions, along with our feelings regarding things that are way off limit irrespective of how abhorrent they are to God. Although, temptation can be quite powerful and impulsive, but it’s not sufficient all by itself to drag us into sin without our own consent. That’s where we’re accountable to God regarding the poor choices that we’re making.
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God Wants Us To Be Responsible

We as humans are made to serve our Maker by obediently carrying out whatever task He has entrusted us with. Serving implies responsibility, so that’s where our responsibility to God comes heavily into play. The core foundation of how God operates is laid upon responsibility with respect to His creation who have the ability to do His will. It plainly means that each side has to ensure that they assume their own responsibility. 

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Without Jesus Christ There Is No Hope For Mankind

As people who are made in the image of the Almighty God are made to be dependent on Him through a genuine relationship. Sadly, it’s not the case at all for many due to men’s fallen nature, and how they normally choose to live their lives. Despite many have been exposed to the message of the gospel, they live their lives just as if Christ had never died for them. Sin along with Satan have also implanted within people’s minds all types of deceptive and destructive beliefs which appeal to the pride of life. 

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We Must Not Abuse The Grace Of God

Grace is defined as unmerited or undeserved favor. In order for grace to be able to make sense by itself, the recipient must have been in dire need of it. The truth is that grace has totally nothing to do with the one who receives it in the sense of that person’s merit. Instead, it’s completely dependent on the one who gives it. God is gracious to us not because of our worthiness, or what we’ve done that somehow grants us a certain level of acceptability in His sight. 

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Let Us Surrender Everything To Christ

Prior to being saved, we were living a lifestyle where anything goes. As a result, we didn’t care about the fact that Christ came and laid down His life on behalf of humanity in order to offer them both forgiveness and salvation. We were so blinded to the extent that where we were going to spend our eternity wasn’t an issue worth consideration. We were living a selfish and self-centered life based on pleasing self by constantly following our sinful nature. Sadly, it’s evident that people who’re not saved are very short sighed and easily deceived due to their current state of spiritual death. The tendency is to assign the utmost level of priority to trivial and worldly things that have literally no eternal significance. Consequently, they end up missing or ignoring the most important aspect of life which is eternity.

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How Christ Can Be Rejected

Well, if we sincerely take the Word of God at face value, we can clearly see that our persistent willingness to obey and follow thoroughly God’s commandments is extremely important. Besides, there are unimaginable rewards that await those who do God’s will, and eternal punishment that will eventually befall those who live their lives in outright rebellion to Him by rejecting His word. Truthfully, as always stated, the word of God is an extension of God Himself given to us for the sole purpose of guiding us, helping us to know His will, teaching us regarding how we can please Him, safeguarding us from errors, and most importantly showing us how we can inherit eternal life through Christ Jesus.

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Only Jesus Christ Can Fill Us Up

God has made us for the sole purpose of totally depending on Him, serving Him, having an intimate relationship with Him, doing His will, and lastly for His own glory. Our entire physical being is consisted of a non-life material called the dust of the ground. As mentioned in this post, what you really have when God has breathed the breath of life into man according to the account of (Genesis 2:7) is a marvelous and powerful transformation that occurred. The dust of the ground was instantly converted into flesh, blood, and bones. Man then became a living being fully equipped with God-given potentials.

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