Body, Soul, And Spirit

Man is both created and made at the same time.

As human beings, we are made of three vital elements. These three elements are known as spirit, soul, and body (1 Thessalonians 5:23). Man has two major aspects that define whom he really is. The first one is the spiritual or immaterial aspect, and the second one is the physical or material aspect. Two out of those three elements are spirit, such as both the soul and the human spirit while the body is physical.

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Living According To The Flesh Or To The Spirit In Perspective

Based on the accounts of the Word of God, there’re just two ways people can live. The first one is according to the flesh, and the second one is according to the Spirit. The first thing to remember is that by nature we’re predisposed to live according to the flesh as a result of our fallen nature which we’ve inherited due to the fall of man. By the way, it doesn’t take that much sacrifices and efforts to live according to the flesh because all you really have to do is to follow the sinful desires found within you. To put it differently, living according to the flesh comes naturally.

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True Worship Starts With Total Submission To God Through Christ

When it comes down to worshiping, it’s very easy for many people’s minds to run to singing songs and hymns, clapping hands, lifting hands, and dancing to God, but worshiping God is not limited only to these things. Evidently, these things mentioned previously are an integral part of worshiping God, but in order for worship to be addressed acceptably there is something far deeper and more sacrificial than just doing any of these things mentioned earlier that must be done. While praise is associated with thanksgiving because of what God has done on our behalf; worship by itself has to do with complete submission to God because of whom He is to us.

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What Does It Mean To Be Dead Spiritually?

Life and death have been very common all throughout humankind’s history. In fact, life and death are a process of nature that we’re all a product of from the beginning and will eventually have to go through when we cease to exist. Our life starts at one point during conception and will end at some point when we die. But at the same time that issue gets very complicated once we enter the spiritual realm because it’s one thing to be alive physically, whereas it’s something totally different to be alive spiritually. The Word of God has lot to say regarding that matter because God Himself is the author and sustainer of every life.

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How To Successfully Live A Spirit Filled Life

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The Spirit of God started His works through us even before we were saved.

According to the Word of God, there are just two ways that men can live their lives. They can either live according to the flesh by following their own carnal nature, or live according to the Spirit of God by putting under control the insatiable desires of the flesh. In fact, the unregenerate person is very sensitive to their carnal nature, which is why they are more prone to follow their own sinful desires. 

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