3 Key Principles That Can Really Help With Resisting Temptation

As Christians, one major aspect of our walk with the Lord is marked with the fact that we find ourselves in an ongoing conflict with the devil, sin, this evil world system, as well as our own carnal nature. With this in mind, temptation is really something that we have to be extremely cautious about because it ultimately leads people to sin. 

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Stop Being Deceived By The Enemy Through Temptation

From a biblical standpoint, temptation is based entirely on lies and deceptions of Satan. It’s something intended primarily to twist our viewpoints, our emotions, along with our feelings regarding things that are way off limit irrespective of how abhorrent they are to God. Although, temptation can be quite powerful and impulsive, but it’s not sufficient all by itself to drag us into sin without our own consent. That’s where we’re accountable to God regarding the poor choices that we’re making.
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How To Deal With Sin Wisely

Sin is undoubtedly a serious problem that we as believers in Christ have to confront on an ongoing basis in order to maintain our relationship and our walk with the Lord. The truth is that nobody can have a genuine relationship with God while living a sinful life. Our relationship and fellowship with God is rested wholly on our reverence for Him by keeping His Word. Therefore, we can’t really have something that’s based on honoring God’s Word while living in such a way that dishonors that very same thing that must be honored. 

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Let’s Confront Temptation Just As Christ Did

As believer in Christ we can never underestimate the potential danger of temptation, even though it’s not actually a sin by itself. Nevertheless, it’s the greatest challenges that we have to deal with on a regular basis all throughout our walk with our Lord because it literally begins the process of sin.

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How To Better Deal With Temptation

All throughout scripture one of the major issues that God is telling us to be highly aware of is temptation. It’s something that we have to take very seriously because our choices when it comes right down to our responses to temptation will determine whether we’ll allow God to be in control of our lives or not. We have to truly understand that there is someone who is eagerly trying to win over our souls through the use of that particular means. Satan is the author of temptation; in other words, he is known as the tempter. In fact, temptation is the most powerful weapon that he has been using against humanity for thousands of years. His foremost objective with it is to lead and keep us away from God indefinitely through rebellion and sinful living. 

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Deception Is By Far The Greatest Tool Of Satan

It’s important for everyone to come to the realization that there is no hope for Satan, along with his demons after they were kicked out of heaven by God. He’s nothing more than a loser running around desperately in order to deceive as many people as he can. However, as humans, we have the awesome privilege of inheriting God’s Kingdom if we’re willing to accept Christ as our personal Savior, and enjoy all the many blessings He’ll bestow upon us by grace.

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Victory Over Sin

We’re currently living in a time and age where so many individuals simply choose to live their lives as people who’re totally careless about the fact that they will spend their eternity somewhere. To put it differently, they just want to live their lives however they like regardless of what God says in His Word, along with the extreme implications that may come along with their horrible choices. Continue reading