How To Be A Mighty Businessperson In The Sight Of God

As Christians, we have to ensure that Christ is at the center of the business we’re leading.

As followers of Christ; in other words, as imitators of Christ, everything we’re doing on this earth must be done in such a fashion that pleases and glorifies the God whom we’re serving. Our foremost objective as Christians is to glorify Him in everything we’re doing (1 Corinthians 10:31) by allowing Him to be preeminent. We have to really give Him a chance in order for Him to reign as King of kings and Lord of lords in our daily lives by relying heavily on Him. 

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Keeping Your Faith High In The Midst Of Bad Times

Focusing on God, not your problems is critical in keeping your faith strong.

Have you ever felt like when going through life’s trials that you’ve been abandoned completely by God? Have you ever felt like there’s a huge wall erected between God and you in the context of Him not seem to be able to listen to your prayer requests? Have you ever felt like you’re struggling all alone in your current circumstances, regardless of how hard you’ve tried and prayed? Have you felt quite disappointed by God in the sense that He has let you down time after time? 

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The Best Ways To Learn How To Trust God

Living for God implies having an intimate relationship with Him through Christ. In fact, that’s the foremost reason that we’re made for unlike other creations. Having said that, trust is the essence of relationship. The point is that there cannot be any relationship without at least some level of trust. But, the matter gets really complicated with respect to our relationship with God because He’s asking us to trust Him in such a manner that compels us to rise above our own human understanding, conception, weaknesses, reasoning, emotions, and feelings. In other words, the very things that are counterproductive to faith.

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The Type Of Unwavering Faith That Pleases God

As significant faith is in the life of a believer in Christ, its usefulness and significance are based on the trustworthiness of its source. In fact, anybody has the capability of exercising faith in a wide host of things. Surprisingly, faith is something that’s being exercised daily either consciously or unconsciously by many individuals whether they believe in the true God or not. For instance, when using a tool to get things done, you have to at least have a certain level of faith in that tool in the sense of its ability to execute successfully the desired task as intended. What about those who are parachuting out of the sky? That’s real faith in action because they have to retain a firm belief that the parachute will be able to sustain them out of the sky until making a safe landing, even though there’s some possibility that it might fail. 

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How Doubt Is Part Of The Recipe For Faith

When you are facing a situation such as the loss of a job right after you have had a major unexplained expense such as a car repair or medical bill you may feel as if you have been struck by a punch in the stomach and wonder what is happening. You then go to God and say with a trembling voice, “Lord, I love you and trust that you know what is best for me. I believe you are able to take care of me and I have faith you will see me through.”

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Faith Pleases God More Than Obedience

Hebrews chapter 11 is widely known as the great faith chapter because it gives us marvelous examples of how Old Testament people exercised their faith in God and were blessed tremendously for it. However, before it goes on to give us the “faith list,” God gives us an admonition by telling us that faith is such an important part of the Christian life that we cannot please Him without it.

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The Gift Of Faith

While we would all agree that faith is important if we want to have a proper relationship with God; nevertheless, there is something very important about faith that many Christian miss and fail to think about, and that is what a precious gift God has given to us by allowing us to exercise faith in Him. Faith is something that’s very deep even deeper than ourselves, and it’s very demanding because our obedience to God has to always ensue it. On top of that, our obedience is the very act that will demonstrate that we truly have faith in God.

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Why Faith Really Matter

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God is appealing to us consistently all throughout His infallible Word to never rely on any other things than Himself.

Faith is an indispensable necessity in the life of every believer because the Christian life is centered totally upon having faith in God through Christ. This statement compels us to seriously embrace the fact that we’re saved by God’s grace through faith alone. That’s all God requires in order for salvation to be obtained. In this case, faith is a must-have requirement to serve the Lord wholeheartedly and acceptably. 

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Bible Basics

As you already know nothing good or valuable in this life comes easy as a matter of life’s principle. No matter what you would like to achieve in this life will always come with a lot of difficulties, headaches, challenges, and sacrifices. Most importantly, you cannot just wish anything you would like to accomplish into existence, so you have to be willing to exert a certain amount of effort in order to make it happen. 

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