The Greatness Of God Revealed Through Man

Man is nothing without God.

The life of man is a huge mystery of God. Many find themselves living while having no idea where their lives came from. They are taking for granted daily the very God-given resources that sustain their lives without acknowledging how great their Creator is. Many try to come up with theory such as evolution in order to explain away how man came into being. 

However, whether people want to believe or not, the existence of man is another powerful display of the greatness of God. According to the account of (Genesis 2:7) when God was creating man, He took the dust of the ground which was a lifeless element created by Him prior to making man. Then He formed man out of that same element. The moment He was about to place His life within man, the only thing you had was the dust of the ground with the shape or appearance of a person formed by it. This unmistakably shows that we are nothing without God.

Afterwards, God breathed in his nostrils the breath of life, which was nothing more than the impartation of His life in man (Genesis 2:7; Job 33:4). There was an incredible transformation that occurred instantly. The dust was immediately transformed into flesh, blood, and bones. Thereby, man became a living soul. Man became somebody who was able to operate as the Maker wanted him to operate by taking responsibilities. 

Since man’s life came from God; therefore, his worth was based on his Maker not on his own potentials. That’s why as followers of Christ who have cherished a heartfelt conviction about His grace and love bestowed upon us while we were living in sin should never try to lift our head in pride and arrogance.

We should never think that we are somebody out of pride or out of our own merit. Because people can only be prideful and arrogant as long as they have the breath of life in them. We are what we are because of God’s grace (1 Corinthians 15:10).

Man Is a Physical Expression Of His Greatness

God created man in order to express His greatness through a physical being capable of relating to Him within a physical realm. The Psalmist says that God made man a little bit lower than the angels and crowned them with glory and honor (Psalm 8:5). That glory and honor actually dwelt in the beauty, holiness, and perfection man once had. And that glory and honor also dwelt in the spiritual, mental, and physical capacity he had. Man was in perfect standing with God at that point.

Man is such a marvelous masterpiece of creation. God made him in His own image, which means that He has placed His own characteristics within him (Genesis 1:26). Since man is made in the image of God, he is very special to Him. God made man that way in order to enable him to do what He wanted him to do for His glory.

Man was created in the glory of God. That glory was another dimension of glory that relates to God’s divine presence that had dwelt in the Garden of Eden with man. Therefore, praying, working to take care of himself, and exercising faith in God wasn’t necessary at that stage due to the fact that everything man had ever needed had already been provided.

God made man in order for him to have relied upon Him through an intimate relationship. That was the only way he could have lived the kind of life He was made to live. Unfortunately, that opportunity was all lost due to sin (Genesis 3:6). Man then found himself totally lost into sin as someone who had never known God. 

The awesome news is that God has sent Christ to bring to restoration what was lost. His death, particularly His resurrection is the greatest display of power ever unleashed from the hand of Almighty God on behalf of mankind (Ephesians 1:19-20).

Many Don’t Render Glory And Honor To The Creator

Beloved, it’s very sad that so many people who are made in the image of God deliberately choose to live their lives in complete hostility and rebellion against their own Maker upon whom their very existence hangs. They lead their lives just as if God didn’t even exist at all.

The worst part of it is that they’ve been breathing God’s air since day one. They’ve been living in the material world that He created for them. They’ve been drinking His water. They’ve been eating foods that come from out of the earth. Everything they’ve been using whether they are manufactured or not, are made of materials found within this world. And every fiber of their being is held together by His power. So their whole lives revolve around Him, but they refuse to give glory to Him. 

Since man was made to worship or give glory to someone; therefore, if they are not worshiping or glorifying the Creator someone else is getting it either out of their own unbelief, ignorance, or negligence. That person is Satan. Like Apostle Paul said, they exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator–who is forever praised (Romans 1:25).

They give themselves over to false religion that cannot even lead them to the true God. They’ve become idolaters in the sight His sight, which is an affront to Him. Atheists worship themselves, their own wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. After all, the person who is being worshiped and glorified is the devil.

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