The Greatness Of God Revealed Through The Creation

The central element found within God’s greatness is His glory.

If anybody wants to know how great God is, the creation is something to consider. The creation of the heavens and the earth is a colossal demonstration of His greatness revealed to mankind. The creation itself bears witness about the greatness of God Almighty (Romans 1:20).

His greatness is reflected plainly all throughout the creation. The way that the universe is organized and sustained showcases His infinite power, wisdom, and understanding (Jeremiah 10:12). The universe is so vast to the extent that man has only explored just a tiny fraction of it.

The Intrinsic Relationship Between God’s Greatness And His Glory

The central element found within God’s greatness is His glory. You cannot separate both of them since they walk hand in hand. His glory is His essence, beauty, and divine presence. And His glory bears with it the idea of greatness of splendor. It’s the very element that makes Him weighty. The glory of God is so precious, invaluable, and beautiful, He doesn’t share it with anybody (Isaiah 42:8). He’s very jealous for His glory. 

That glory was desperately envied by Lucifer due to pride. That was what ultimately led to his fall. His goal was to make himself like the Most High (Isaiah 14:14). According to his perverse belief, doing so would have made him become worthy to receive the glory due to only God. Instead of him fulfilling the very reason he was created for which was to glorify God Almighty, he wanted to receive for himself what he was supposed to ascribe to the Creator. Do you realize how disrespectful and arrogant Lucifer was?

Did God overlook that? No, He threw him and his acolytes out of heaven as a result. God will not tolerate anybody messing around with His glory which is an exact representation of His greatness. So that glory revealed through the creation which serves as evidence that God is the only Creator worthy to be worshiped has utterly differed Him from any other false god that man has created under the influence of Satan (Psalm 114:4-7). Everything He has created came into being for His own glory; in other words, to show how great He is (Revelation 4:11).

His Greatness And Glory Aren’t To Be Hidden But To Be Revealed And Acknowledged

God doesn’t keep His greatness and glory to Himself. He makes sure that He expresses or exposes them plainly, so that everybody can see and acknowledge it. That’s why as children of God we are to give testimony about His works and wonders in our lives. If there’s something that God is very thirst of, it is Him being given glory and honor (Revelation 4:11Psalm 29:2; 1 Chronicles 16:29; Psalm 96:8). 

His perfect will is for us to bring Him glory on the basis of His greatness along with His glory revealed through the creation and our lives. He wants us to stand in awe when contemplating His greatness throughout the creation. He wants us to acknowledge that there’s none besides Him (Isaiah 45:5). Lastly, He wants us to make His greatness to become the core foundation of our lives.

Beloved, God is so thirsty of being given glory and honor; in other words, He is obsessed with receiving glory and honor, so He created everything for His own glory. But in order for that glory to mean or represent something to Him, He created angels and the human race with the ability to admire, contemplate, and enjoy His mighty works and wonders in which His glory is displayed. 

Then they are responsible to give Him glory and honor due to Him alone which is the culmination of why He brought them into existence in the first place through a life of total submission and reverence to Him.

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