The Greatness Of Our God

God’s greatness walks hand in hand with His limitless power.

The greatness of God is a divine attribute that is so immense to the extent that we don’t possess the ability to fully express or wrap our minds around His infinite greatness as finite being. So His greatness far exceeds our own intelligence, wisdom, understanding, and words that are very limited by nature. 

His greatness correlates with His limitless power that enables Him to do whatever He wants, however He wants, and whenever He wants to without being told what He ought to do. He doesn’t need approval or suggestion from anybody when He’s working. Nobody can even dare to command or put pressure on Him. Besides, He doesn’t subject Himself to anybody. He is the self-sustaining, self-existent, and self-sufficient God. 

He is the God who created the heavens and the earth and everything within by His great power (Genesis 1:1; Psalm 146:6; Jeremiah 32:17). He has positioned the heavens at such an infinite height like a huge ceiling lying above the earth’s atmosphere without being held by anything in order to keep them from collapsing.

Moreover, He has created the earth like a big ball and placed it within that vast universe. So there’s nothing that holds it steady, but the earth has never lost its original position. Everything is held together by the strength of His power manifested through Christ Jesus through whom He created everything (Colossians 1:15-17Hebrews 1:3).

What is so amazing about His greatness is that the earth is rotating around the sun while we don’t even feel it due to the fact that everything remains stable.

What Should His Greatness Mean To Us?

The greatness of God should mean a lot to us as Christians since everything He has done for us as well as what He’ll do on behalf of us revolves around His greatness. That’s why it’s our own responsibility to make that greatness become real in our lives.

First, God doesn’t want us as His children to rely on our own human power but His (Proverbs 3:5-6). Why? The main reason is that we’re made specifically to depend on Him as our Maker, Sustainer, and Provider. In other words, we’re made to be connected with Him. That’s the only way we can live the type of purposeful, successful, and victorious life that He desires for us to live for His glory. And that’s the only way we can ever reach our full potential as human beings. So it’s all about His divine power working through us by allowing Him to reign over our lives.

Unfortunately, we’ve done the very opposite so many times due to our unbelief and hesitancy when going through hardships. Beloved, if we had truly understood and embraced how great God is, we would not have allowed life’s issues to drive us completely desperate like those who have no one upon whom they can fully rely on.

Many times, we focus much more on the problems we’re facing rather than relying on the unlimited vastness of His greatness. We allow life’s issues to occupy a much greater place within our thinking than His greatness does. Consequently, this then causes us to greatly underestimate what He is able to do on behalf of us if we were to trust Him all the way. 

We’re serving a God who is fully capable of meeting all of our needs (Numbers 11:23Philippians 4:19). He is the God of the impossible (Matthew 19:26). There’s none like Him (Jeremiah 10:6). Nothing is too hard for Him (Jeremiah 32:17). He is so great to the extent that the heavens, even the highest heaven, cannot contain His presence (1 Kings 8:27).

He’s the supreme God of the entire universe He created. He is the sustainer of all things that exist. Where He is seated on His throne in heavenly places is known as the center of all authority, power, and dominion. That very throne which Jesus has given us access to through His blood is infinitely above any ruler or authority or power or leader or anything else.

Our heavenly Father wants us to trust Him on the basis of His unlimited greatness which surpasses all things. All we have to do is to develop a habit of constantly reminding ourselves daily that He is greater than our circumstances and problems. He’s more enjoyable and fulfilling than anything this evil world could ever offer us. He has the power to set us free from the very sins we’re struggling with. Lastly, He’s powerful enough to empower us to confront the issues that are influencing our lack of faith in Him.

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