The King Of The Universe Will Make Time For You

Prayer is one of the greatest privileges that God has accorded to us in order for us to be able to relate to Him in such a powerful way. It’s a means of communicating to God concerning our needs in relation to His perfect will for our lives. As God’s children, we should never underestimate how important prayer is due to the fact that it’s the very means by which we call upon God to intervene on our behalf. Keep in mind, prayer is a matter of humility since it implies acknowledgement of our human inability by relying on God’s infinite greatness and power.

Christ Has Granted us Full Right to Come Before The Throne of God.

As people who have been saved, Jesus through the shedding of His blood has given us such an incredible opportunity for us to come to God through prayer. Since His atonement was sufficient, that alone has given us full access to God the Father. We’re told to come in such a way as just though we have every right to do so. We don’t get that right based on own worthiness but rather through Christ’s own worthiness. Let’s consider this Scripture verse below.

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need (Hebrews 4:16).

This verse has been quoted in numerous sermons and bible studies regarding how we are to come before God, with boldness. While that is certainly true, there are other truths in the verse that we overlook because sometimes we cannot see the forest for the trees.

Let’s consider where it says where we are to come boldly to. It says to come before the “throne of grace.” Now what is a throne? A throne is a place where a king sits and is a symbol of his authority. When we are told to come before the throne of grace it is a reference to not just praying to God, but is a direct reference to His nobility as King of kings and Lord of lords over the universe.

Having a Meeting With Any Person is Marked by Limitation.

Suppose you were to get a phone call telling you that the president of the United States, or your state’s governor wanted to have a meeting with you? While I understand that there may be political differences between you and the person in power, the office itself carries with it a certain amount of respect. For instance, there have only been 44 individuals in the entire history of our Republic that have held the office of president. I would hope that you would take the person up on their offer based on that reason alone, if need be.

Now let’s switch it around, suppose you were the one who had the desire to meet the governor or president? I don’t mean in a group setting, but a one on one visit. You would find that if this meeting were to be able to occur at all, it would have to be at a specific date and time.

This appointment would more than likely have to be based solely on the availability of the president and you would be expected to find the time in your schedule if you wanted this to happen. Once you had the appointment scheduled it would probably be for very specific amount of time that would undoubtedly not be very long. Once this time is up the appointment would be over because of the many other responsibilities the president has.

There’s no Need to Rush While Having a Meeting With God.

The wonderful thing about God is He is far greater than any president America has ever had, and that includes the founding fathers. We have been given an invitation by the King of the universe to come and talk to Him at His throne. What is even more incredible is we do not have to jump through hoops and try to get time off of work because we have a specific time for this meeting and if we could not make it we would have to try again some other time. 

No, God Himself is the one doing the waiting and His calendar is always open. What is even more incredible is when we enter the throne room with our prayers, He never has to get to another appointment and tells us our time is up. What is staggering about this type of appointment is the idea that God is able to meet countless number of people at the same time unlike a president or governor. The reason we can come boldly is because God has made time for us. With this in mind, it is a shame that so many Christians do not take advantage of this open invitation and leave God waiting.


When we take our prayer life seriously by spending quality amount of time with God regularly, it’s guaranteed that things will never be the same. Prayer is nothing more than spending time in God’s presence. The more time we spend in His presence, the more our life will be transformed, the more energized we’ll become, and the more sensitive we’ll become to Him, His Word, and His work. Lastly, developing a consistent prayer life will help tremendously in the area of keeping our lives well organized. All we really have to do is to make ourselves available by setting time aside for that.

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