The Reason Why We Should Kill Sin In Our Lives

Sin is a deadly cancer that is eating men up on the inside, which means that if it’s not taken care of before it’s too late it will ultimately lead to eternal damnation. Sin also places men in an abhorrent state that alienates and separates them from God eternally. The way it all works out is that you can either deal with it by coming to Christ, or let it deal with you. But aside from Christ, sin has a strong advantage on you.

The way that dealing with sin works out is that you can either accept by faith Christ as your personal Savior and Lord on the ground of the full cost of sin that He paid for you on the cross, or you pay it yourself in hell. Although, sin can potentially inflict destructive consequences on the participant, but in reality that alone does not really keep people from indulging in anyhow.

Oftentimes, all people really have to do in order for them to be able to make the right decision about their spiritual lives is to look around them and see how people’s lives have become miserable, how people’s dreams have been completely shattered, how families and marriages have been destroyed, and how individuals have lost their lives tragically because of sinful living. Shockingly, in many cases, people who are very close to them.

Sin Clouds People’s Judgement.

Nevertheless, the problem is that people are so blinded by the oppressive power of sin dominating their lives, this then causes them not even willing to learn anything at all from the catastrophic consequences of sin as well as people’s disastrous mistakes in life. When something tragic has just happened to someone because of something sinful that individual had been practicing, this may in fact have some direct impact on those who have been doing the exact same thing.

But after a while everything goes back to normal. So they just go and live their lives just as if something bad had never occurred. That’s the normal tendency of people who are living in sin. Especially, when there is a strong unwillingness to take action in order to prevent the very same thing from repeating itself as a result of an intense attachment they have to a particular sinful behavior.

The truth is that sin is very deceptive by nature, it corrupts the mind, it affects people’s judgment, it burdens the conscience, and it also has massive power to keep people in bondage for long period of time. Sadly, we are currently living in a time and age where people are not that ashamed about living sinfully.

In fact, things like shame, guilt, responsibility, and deep regret no longer exist as long what people are after brings them pleasures and some satisfaction. To sum it up, we currently living in a no shame culture. Therefore, things that were unacceptable and detestable, or things that should have been practiced in secret are now being practiced openly or even being promoted as normal.

Evidently, many people are not even ashamed to talk openly about the kind shameful lifestyles they are leading; just as if it is a normal way of life. Oftentimes, those same people will always try to do their best to defend it by coming up with all kinds of excuses, they’ll parade around with it, and try to get comfortable with it. And shockingly, some of them may even claim that they were born this way, but that does not change the sinful nature of what being practiced because sin has an immutable attribute attach to it. 

Sin Causes People to Hate the Truth.

This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. (John 3:19)

Hating the truth is quite common when it comes to people who are living in sin because that’s the kind of mindset sinful living creates in people. Once you find yourself being stuck into some kind of sinful behavior, it’s as if you don’t want to think and deal with it. You don’t want to hear anything that goes against what you are doing. You don’t want to listen to hard preaching. Lastly, you don’t want anyone to shed some light on what you are doing in the sense it’s not right because you want to keep on doing it without feeling any guilt at all about it.

That’s the main reason people who are living sinful lives, or who have a strong tendency toward sin will always surround themselves with people like them, who can always agree with them on everything they want to do. In many cases, people simply live their lives as people who don’t care whether there is a hell to shun and a heaven to inherit. And the deceptive pleasures as well as the impulsive and compulsive nature of  sin influence people to do their best to shift their focuses away from the consequences by believing that certain things just can’t happen to them.

Sin also creates some kind of false sense of confidence in people by making them believe that they can somehow live however they like and always get away with it. In fact, this is a lie from the devil because the consequences of sin are following you every step of the way and are ready to strike whenever the time comes up.

There are also many people in church who are walking around with an outward appearance while covering up many things in their hearts or indulging in sin secretly. They give people an impression that they are serving the Lord wholeheartedly while the kind of lives they are living in their homes, or secretly is far from how someone is supposed to live for the Lord.

The primary reason people practice sin secretly is so that others cannot see them because they know nobody will ever be able to catch them. Alternatively, they often think that they will be able put a stop to it before they even get caught particularly for those who are indulging in sexual sins.  

Interestingly, many people have developed great skills in indulging in sin secretly or covering up their sins. Keep in mind, when we are living in sin, what we are really doing is deceiving ourselves in a big way. We may be able to deceive people around us such as our family members, our friends, our espouses, and even our spiritual leaders. However, there is someone who is looking at us every step of the way whom we can never deceive (Psalm 139:7-12). We can’t deceive Satan either because he is fully aware of the kind of life we are living. He also knows whether we are true or not. 

Your Sin Will Always Find You Out.

The Word of God has many hard things to say about sin; therefore, we can conclude that there is nobody who is covering up his sin that will not be put to shame. You may not be ashamed today; however, there is one day everything concealed will be revealed. Every secret in men’s heart will be exposed completely, or your sin will find you out (1 Corinthians 4:5, Luke 8:17, Numbers 32:23). 

As we are living in a time of grace, it’s always best for our sins to come out and dealt with while we are still alive, even though we may be ashamed and feel embarrassed regarding what has just transpired. Those who had trusted us may feel that they are let down. Well, even if many may be troubled greatly because of what they’ve learned about us.

Nevertheless, the benefit is that we still have a great opportunity to rethink everything and make a serious decision regarding our walk with the Lord. In other words, we have plenty of time to deeply and sincerely examine ourselves from the inside out and change the course of our lives. Sometimes, people have become so harden by practicing sin secretly; therefore, the only thing that can lead them to genuine repentance is a public embarrassment.

Remember that, God has dispensed us His grace through Christ, so that we can turn away from our sins to Him through genuine repentance. Not to be used as a license in order to keep on doing the same sinful things over and over, which we know we were not supposed to be doing in the first place.

Grace is all about God’s giving us more chance and time, so that we are able to make the right decision with respect to our lives, along with where we will spend our eternity. Within His grace, we find His patience. Grace is unmerited favor; thus, we should never take it in vain by abusing it to the point it apparently becomes something that God had owed us. We also need to be aware of the inevitable fact that grace won’t be there forever either.

Consequently, people who will find themselves in the terrible judgment mentioned in the Bible won’t get another chance to repent of their sins (Revelation 20:15). They can confess them all they want. They can sincerely express their willingness to repent of them. In other words, they can express the greatest remorse that has ever known, but it will be far too late for them.

The hard truth is that when on this side it’s us, our sins, God, along with His grace in Christ. However, on the Day of Judgment, it will be God, unrepentant sinners, and their sins. Grace will be taken away completely. Thus anything that is associated with grace such as time, chance, repentance, salvation, and restoration will be taken away as well. The only thing that will be available on this day is the due penalty for sins.


According to (Isaiah 55:6) we are to seek the Lord while He may be found, so is it for our sins. We should confess and repent of them while we are able to do so before it’s late. There is power in the blood of Jesus to set us free from sin. God’s though His grace has put everything needed to live a holy life at our disposal. Thereby, we don’t have to live a life that is completely run down by sins. Moreover, we don’t have to live a life by which we’re held captive by tthe enemy. Christ paid it all for our sins, and we can’t just choose to live our lives way below what Jesus has achieved on our behalf on the cross.

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