The Salvation Diet

If you have been struggling with an excess body weight problem for as long as you can remember and would like to find out a biblical method of losing weight, then you really need to take your time and read this presentation about The Salvation Diet.

First, it’s highly important to realize that God has entrusted us as His beloved children with a number of critical responsibilities that we must assume toward ourselves. Among these are keeping our health and vitality.  The big issue is that God can never do anything for you that falls within your responsibility. Therefore, it is your job to keep your health, especially in the area of nutrition.

Overweight and obesity are the number one health problem in America according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As a matter of fact, this epidemic has been robbing Americans of their health and longevity for years. The truth is that it is not only an American problem but also a worldwide problem.

Given the fact that you are overweight or obese, so what is your main responsibility about that issue as a believer? Well, you will be offered a comprehensive alternative that tackles that problem from different aspects which are: spiritually, mentally, and physically.

The Salvation Diet

Chris Walker who is a follower and true believer in the Word of God, actions, along with teachings of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus, who is also a fitness trainer has developed a diet system called The Salvation Diet with the sole mission and purpose to help over ONE MILLION Christians all around the world to shed excess body weight they’ve gained.

Reclaim the incredible energy THE LORD intended for them and live the long, healthy, active life that God intended for them to live. He has come up with this weight loss system after reading the Bible thoroughly concerning what God has to say regarding food and eating.

So after several years of intense research, testing, and tweaking that diet system, he ended up putting together what is known as The Salvation Diet; in other words, What Would Jesus Eat? Keep in mind, just because it is Biblically inspired doesn’t mean it is miracle weight loss system.

What This Diet System Will Show You

It will reveal to you Biblical proof, the simple path laid out by Jesus Himself intended to help you better deal with the excess pounds you’ve been struggling with. Thus, having the body that The Lord God Himself intended you to have, so that you can better serve Him. Here is a list of is included within.

  1. The “Craving Communion Method” of banishing your need for the addictive poison known as processed sugar FOREVER…
  2. You will be taught how you can use “Oil Of The Soul” to feel truly full (possibly for the first time in your life) through just 5 short minutes of prayer if you’ve been feeling hungry and unsatisfied, regardless of how much food you consume.
  3. The Root Vegetable Of Happiness This one delicious vegetable has been proven to radically increase your brain’s production of serotonin… the “happy chemical” God gave us so we can joyously experience His creation.
  4. 7 Days Of Creation meal plan… So you can experience the ENERGY that comes from eating the REAL FOOD God created for us. 
  5. Sleep Pollution” shows you just how eliminating just one thing from your bedroom will give you the best sleep of your life
  6. Spiritual Kick Start” to your metabolism, forcing your body to burn calories while you sleep so you wake up each morning well-rested, energetic and HEALTHIER than when you went to bed.
  7. The 40-Day Biblical Guide To Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Transformation includes 40 spectacular Biblical verses which puts Jesus in control of your journey… take “willpower” completely out of the equation and have you losing weight, gaining happiness and sharpening your mind on auto-pilot.
  8. The Balanced Breakfast Lie… Why what you’re eating for breakfast is making you sick… and the one thing to eat first thing in the morning to make you feel like you’re running on rocket fuel all day long.
  9. The Child Of God Method”… Because it’s something children do automatically, but adults have forgotten… It takes just a few minutes of your day but multiplies your happiness by 1000%.
  10. The “Spiritual Ripple Effect” and how to extend your own life by being in service to others.
  11. The “Evil Ingredient” your Mom was tricked into giving you as a child… and how eliminating just this one thing from your diet can cause bloat to vanish from your body in just 3 days.
  12. “Soul Exercises” to bring you back to spiritual health no matter how distant from Jesus and God you may feel now.

If you are ordering, the sale page has a well over 45 minutes video presentation that goes over all the details, the payment button will drop somewhere during the video. But you can skip the presentation at your right hand below the video by clicking the link, which says Skip to text presentation. When you get there, you’ll find the order button below.

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