When Will You Ever Be Ready To Accept Jesus Christ

Receiving Jesus before it’s too late.

There’s something that many people who haven’t yet accepted Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord are always saying when offered the Gospel. What is it? Do you want to know exactly what it is? Well, I’m not READY yet, or I don’t really feel that I’m in a state of READINESS to follow Him.

Usually, those people are well aware of the kind of life that Jesus wants them to live for God’s glory if they were to follow Him but they allow something so entrenched in their lives they don’t want to let go to stand in the way.

That unreadiness people are clinging to is predicated entirely on one thing: unwillingness to abandon something that goes against following Jesus Christ faithfully.

Be Honest With Yourself

If you find yourself trapped in that type of situation, I want you to be honest with yourself by asking yourself these 2 questions.

  1. How long have you been telling yourself time after time that you aren’t ready yet to surrender your life to Jesus?
  2. Have you ever reached a pivotal point in your life where you’ve finally felt a sense of readiness to make that decision?

I’m sure that many of you reading this publication have been telling yourself that you’re unready for years, even decades. This has become a belief deeply embedded into your thinking. Why?

Because every single time you’re offered an opportunity to accept Jesus, that belief has always made you feel that you’re just not ready yet. That belief has become so dominant in your life to the extent that it gets to determine your response to the Gospel message.

It’s a highly dangerous belief which has eternal implication you’ve allowed to keep on governing your life.

Let’s Get To Them Bottom Of It

You need to understand that the issues which have always made you feel that you’re not ready yet are going to be the very issues that will continue to make you feel that way. Because it’s such an endless cycle unless you want to break it.

Surprisingly, some people even say that when they feel that they are ready, they will make that decision. In fact, that’s precisely what they have to say as a result of the dangerous belief that they are hanging onto. 

They don’t feel that they are ready today to receive Jesus in their lives, but somehow they believe that sooner or later they will be ready.

If that’s the kind belief you’ve been holding on for years, you need to consider this.

People have never truly felt ready to follow Jesus at any point in their lives unless they’ve been under great distress that subdues their resistance to the Gospel. Why?

There’s an evil power ruling unsaved people’s lives with the intent of making it very tough for them to make that decision. There’s something connected to the kind of sinful lifestyles they’re leading which will not allow them to be in a state of readiness to accept Jesus.

Consequently, the longer they continue to live in that condition, the more they’ll realize that they aren’t anywhere ready to follow Jesus.

They are actually making accepting Jesus much harder than it is now by allowing their sinful state to get more control of them.

Not Ready Could Be Catastrophic

First of all, do you know how many people who have been lost eternally as a result of that kind of belief? People who literally had so many opportunities to receive Jesus over the course of their lives ended up missing Him as a result of that horrible belief.

The truth is that you have no hold of the future while the human life is so fragile; death is certain. Receiving Jesus Christ is something that should be done now (2 Corinthians 6:2). It means that the responsibility of making yourself ready to do so is yours by allowing God to deal with the very things that have been governing your life.

Therefore, the things which have been holding you back, the very sin that has made you feel that there’s no way you can let it go; in other words, there’s no way you can live life without it; God can take care of it for you.

God is fully capable of doing what you are unable to do, but you need to make a decision.

Your Soul Needs To Be Saved From Sin

Keep in mind that your soul is very precious. By the way, your soul is priceless (Mark 8:36-37). Your soul is infinitely more valuable than the very sins that you’re allowing to suffocate it (soul).

Therefore, don’t allow sinful pleasures which cannot even bring lasting satisfaction to keep on leading your life by holding hostage your ability to think and make godly decisions. 

Don’t allow Satan to outsmart you through gross negligence by influencing you to overlook the reality that you have a soul that needs to be saved from the wrath of God, which will befall unrepentant sinners (John 3:36; John 3:18; Hebrews 9:27).

The good news is that there’s hope.

Jesus came and laid down His life in order to make it possible for you to break free from the very sins that have been enslaving you in a state of unreadiness to receive Him. 

All you need to do is to surrender your life to Him, and the Spirit of God will do the rest through you.

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