Why Does Satan Hate Humanity So Much?

Shortly after Lucifer, along with one-third of the angelic hosts were kicked out of heaven because of rebellion, something quite unusual took place at that very moment. Their expulsion from heaven simply means a harsh rejection from God due to their arrogance and pride. Since they were rejected by God, their holiness, perfection, as well as their goodness, could not be sustained and maintained any longer. 

They all have undergone a completely strange transformation that had never occurred prior to that. They were all transformed into evil spirit. Lucifer becomes Satan, and his legions of angels become demons. In other context, Satan is just a broad term used to describe all evil being. The term Satan means adversary; in other words, the one who is always there to oppose God and His people.

Notably, there is no restoration for him. That’s what draws a clear distinction between the fall of Lucifer and his legions of angels and the fall of humankind. The bottom line is that God has done something that truly transcended the history of humanity on behalf of all of us that He hasn’t done for the fallen angels. God had already had a plan to bring humanity back to Him through Christ before they even fell into sin. That plan was a mystery for Satan.

This simply means that as long we’re alive, we’re in an infinitely better position than Satan because we still have the opportunity to be saved and inherit eternal life through Jesus alone. Since the devil has a hold on every individual who is not saved yet, so they are left with the responsibility to choose whom they are willing to serve.

For this is the way God loved the world: He gave His one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

If we’re willing to take our responsibility on the basis of acknowledging that we’re wretched sinners in the sight of a holy and righteous God and run to Christ, we will surely be restored. God will intervene in our lives, justify us, cleanse us, sanctify us, and then transform us into the person whom He wants us to be.

On top of that, He will equip us for the purpose of not only living a holy life but to carry out His work on this earth. Unfortunately, Satan is in a completely desperate situation because he has already been judged and condemned by God. Consequently, his final destination and his demons is the Lake of fire (Matthew 25:41; Revelation 20:14).

So, The Question is Why Does Satan Hate Humanity up to Core? Why is he Making Sure That Nobody Gets Saved?

First of all, when thinking about Satan’s attitude toward mankind, one thing that we might say to ourselves is that humanity didn’t cause Satan to lose his position in heaven. Therefore, why going after humanity in such a wrathful manner? The main reason is that Satan has found himself in a highly desperate situation, and he is trapped between both his past and his future. He cannot go back and take full responsibility for his rebellion in order for him to be restored by God. At the same time, there is a horrible judgment pronounced against him that will eventually take place at some point during his existence that he cannot escape. He is well aware of the fact that there is no restoration for him, and his time is running short day-by-day (Revelation 12:12). 

Since he can’t go back to heaven in order to take revenge against God Almighty who kicked him out of heaven; Satan in his arrogance, pride, and full hatred toward God wants to unleash his evil sentiments toward someone. As a result, he has embraced an approach to bring destruction to anything deemed valuable to God. Bear in mind, Satan’s initial plan was to supersede God, and his desire to do so far excelled his very being as just a created being. We can conclude that Satan harbors a hatred toward God, along with humanity that far excels his own nature. That hatred is the key factor that motivates him daily in his quest to further corrupt and destroy humanity. He’s totally obsessed with doing so; his main weapon is sin.

The Bible tells us in (Genesis 1:26) that God has made us in His image, which demonstrates that we’re very important and special to God. However, it’s not something that can be taken for granted either because our significance only relies on our Maker. Because if we’re detached from God who is the source of our life because of sins, that significance we possess doesn’t matter that much.

To answer that question, there are several reasons as to why that Satan hates us so much. The first reason is that we’re made in the image of God Almighty. The second one is that God has granted us an unmerited privilege that the enemy doesn’t have. We have such a mind-blowing opportunity to go to heaven and be with our Maker forever through Christ by escaping his control. That’s truly what has intensified even further that hatred.

The truth is that he had been there, and he knows what heaven is truly like. He knows the extraordinary beauty that dwells in that place, and so forth. Consequently, his main goal is to ensure that nobody ever goes to that place. He wouldn’t want anybody to inherit what he has lost. Here is the deal, if you can’t make it to heaven, then you will have to accompany him to where he’s destined to spend his eternity.

How Does he Carry Out His Schemes?

He does that by hardening men’s heart so that they don’t accept the message of the gospel. It all starts by keeping people in their lost condition indefinitely for the purpose of not only destroying their souls but to use them in order to fulfill his agenda.

He blinds people’s eyes and minds so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God (2 Corinthians 4:4). He blinds people’s minds toward the truth trough immoral living and false beliefs. He Influences people to rebel against God. Moreover, he influences people to believe that they should have freedom for the sole purpose of doing whatever they want.

He manipulates people into believing that they can live their lives however they like without giving them much time to think about the consequences of their sinful lifestyles. He imprints that deceptive belief in people’s mind that the Word of God is all about keeping them from having fun. The Word of God is all about men trying to control other people’s lives. He holds them captive into sinful living. And he influences people to become very negligent and ignorant about their own eternity in the sense of being unwilling to accept Christ as their personal Savior.

He influences people to believe that they still have plenty of time ahead of them to accept Christ. He influences them to believe that they can’t afford to accept Christ because the moment they do so, they will have no choice but to abandon the very things that they used to enjoy greatly. His main field is deception; consequently, he uses that mainly to influence people to believe in something untrue.

His plan is to bring about as much destruction, and suffering as he can to humanity. He makes people’s life so miserable up to the point they even start wondering whether there is a God that loves and cares about them. He influences people to destroy their own lives as well as their souls through sinful living. Lastly, he also influences people to destroy other people’s lives through violence, jealousy, envy, hatred, war, and so forth.

After all, Satan is a very wicked, vile, and destructive being. It does not bother him at all to bring utter destruction to every aspect of people’s life. In other words, people’s lives have no importance at all to him. It’s important to also realize that, Satan is an opportunist. He knows that he is unable to bring about his destructive agenda to humanity all by himself; thereby, he exploits people’s weaknesses.

As mentioned above, Satan’s main agenda is to drag humanity to eternal destruction along with himself. Shockingly, he makes use of people in order to accomplish that. In many cases, he inspires influential people in order to bring forth all kind of bad doctrines, ideologies, philosophies, beliefs, and so forth in a way to deceive as many people as he can. Surprisingly, many people who are ensnared in his trap don’t even realize that he really exists. Or they don’t even realize that they are being used by him.

What Should be Our Own Responsibility With Respect to Dealing With Him?

Nobody has the power to fight against Satan. By the way, you cannot fight an enemy that you cannot even see. At the same time, you can’t also allow yourself to continue to follow his deceptive path that will certainly lead you to destruction. Just as God has a plan for humanity, so is the devil. He cannot stop thinking about harming mankind. Our responsibility is to turn our back completely on him by coming to God.

We’re commanded as believers to be mindful of his schemes (1 Peter 5:8-9). We’re also told by the Word of God to resist him (James 4:7). If you’re an unbeliever this does not apply to you because you cannot win that war apart from God. Your only hope is to come out of his kingdom of darkness, which is the very embodiment of eternal death by transitioning into God’s glorious kingdom through Christ.