Without Jesus Christ There Is No Hope For Mankind

As people who are made in the image of the Almighty God are made to be dependent on Him through a genuine relationship. Sadly, it’s not the case at all for many due to men’s fallen nature, and how they normally choose to live their lives. Despite many have been exposed to the message of the gospel, they live their lives just as if Christ had never died for them. Sin along with Satan have also implanted within people’s minds all types of deceptive and destructive beliefs which appeal to the pride of life. 

That renders people to believe that they can live their lives apart from Christ without even taking into account all the implications that will come along with their catastrophic choices. In all honesty, it’s simply a lie from the pit of hell. As the saying goes, people can always live their lives without Christ, but they cannot die without Him.

Regrettably, all throughout history of humanity, a huge number of people have chosen to live in such a fatal way. The point is that people may allow themselves to be duped to the degree they don’t even seem to realize that having Christ is an absolute necessity; however, one day they’ll surely get into a situation where that realization will become quite obvious to them. Besides, it will be the worst and the most terrifying mistake they could have ever made in their lives. We certainly hope that this realization happens while people are still alive because it’s when they can choose Christ.

Here’s Why Humanity Needs Christ.

Let’s use that simple analogy, in order for an electrical component to be able to operate as intended, it must be plugged to a power supply. The same thing also apply to us as humans. We were not made to live away from God because being away from Him means spiritual death. Alternatively, we’re made in such a unique fashion that enables us to relate to God, thus something that completely sets us apart from the rest of the creations. The source of our life is God; therefore, this very life can only be sustained and maintained through a relationship with Him through Christ (1 Thessalonians 5:9, 2 Timothy 1:9).

Shockingly, people’s viewpoints about life itself is a very shallow one from a humanistic perspective. The belief of many is that they have only one life to live, so the idea is to soak up as much pleasures, wealth, human prestige, fame, along with other worldly things that are totally devoid of any eternal significance they can before they die. Apart from Christ, people are very shortsighted and easily deceived.

That’s the main reason people are not that much concerned about where they’ll spend their eternity. People will do their best to go after things that will later get them into big trouble down the road, or things that will get in their way with respect to acknowledging that they need a savior. On the other hand, life means more than what many falsely believe from a Biblical perspective (John 3:16, 1 John 2:24-25). 

We’re Made Of Two Major Components.

We have two major aspects that make up our whole being: a physical aspect, and a spiritual one. Just as the physical aspect of us needs to be cared on an ongoing basis, so is the spiritual aspect. Our physical body happens to need to a constant reliance on things like food, water, air, and so on for sustenance and maintenance purposes. The same also applies to our souls that need a constant reliance on God through Christ.

When we’re feeling sick, or it may well be something abnormal that hinders us from functioning properly; thus, our tendency is to do something as quickly as possible in order to tackle such problem before it literally gets worse, which can be quite fatal. Sadly, the spiritual aspect is the one that most people have totally chosen to ignore. That ignorance stems from the deception of Satan along with people being way too busy with the issues of life which pertain to the physical aspect of their being’s needs.

The bottom line is that as significant the physical aspect is, the spiritual one is infinitely greater and the most significant one. The reason is that it’s eternal, whereas the physical one is just temporary. That’s why it would be foolish to allow ourselves to become so busy with trivial things or deceived to the extent we end up losing our sense of priority. Eternal life that can only be found in Christ should be our utmost goal in this life (John 14:6, John 3:36).


Keep in mind, the spiritual condition of men’s souls was so abhorrent to God due to sin, men were on their way to eternal destruction as a result. That’s the main reason Christ was sent by God in order to deal with that problem by creating a pathway through which humanity can be brought back to God through reconciliation. It’s such a crucial mission that would define the hope and future of humanity as a whole. Thereby, it’s absolutely safe to conclude that without Christ there’s no hope and future for men regardless of what they choose to believe.

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